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Monday, April 28, 2008

It's coming on

I'm starting to feel the first symptoms of Hillary Derangement Syndrome.

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What makes both my husband and I so mad about Hillary, is she doesn't really care about the country...she just wants to win...at any cost. They other "white males" dropped out of the race when the delegates began increasing for Obama. Yet, Hillary, who supposedly wants to do the best for the USA, won't succumb to defeat like a good candidate...instead, she's going to take this to the bitter end and again screw up the democrats chance at the white house. The other thing that makes me so mad is the pundits saying that Barack should back off and try again in 4 years. What happened to picking the best, smartest, most amazing candidate. Like John Stewart said, I want a candidate to be elitist. I want a candidate smarter than I am. They say the reason Bush got elected was because he was the candidate most people would like to have a beer with. Well, I have enough friends to have beers with...and besides, George never came over beers and a BBQ the whole 8 years he was in office. I want a candidate who for once thinks about the welfare of the country...not their own welfare, legacy, etc.

All of this is not hard to figure out, if you think about it.

There's a good reason the Clinstones are dragging this out to the bitter end. They know exactly what they are doing.

They now know they cannot win the nomination (yes, THEM, not HER).

So they are now actively working to ensure that McCain gets elected, defeating Obama.

This will ensure that the Clintstones can try again in 2012. That would likely be the last possible shot at becoming President, because in 2016 Hillary will be 69 years old.

article was cool. Even better was the big group of people conversing at each others walls in the comment section.

Hayden's comments describe my own feelings very well. I have gone from saying I would campaign for Hillary should she get the nomination to actually thinking I might campaign for McCain if she is the nominee. I probably won't, since McCain could be at least as dangerous as Bush. My only reason would be to smash and splinter the Clintons and the cynical DLC types in her corner.

I think, though, that if she doesn't get the nomination this year, her chances of becoming president are doomed. If Obama loses to McCain, a lot of Democrats are going to remember what she did to him and to the political process in general these past several months. She would start the 2012 campaign with higher negatives than she has now.


I don't think so, they know if they kill Obama's chances they won't get a shot in 2012.

I think it is simply that Hillary knows it is now or never.

I think the mistake she is making is thinking she can fight to the last drop using all or nothing tactics and then after he gets the nomination go back to the Senate as if nothing had happened. She is destroying her position in the party. If she had gracefully bowe dout after the math became obvious (probably after WI) and started cmapaigning for Obama she could have been Senate Majority Leader, Gov of NY, Supreme Court Justice, probably whatever position she wanted. As it is now she is burning a lot of bridges. They have turned this into a fight for control of the Democratic party so when they lose she doesn't just lose the nomination. Of course that would explain why people like McCauliffe, Carville and so on are fighting so hard. Billand Hillary have 100 mil or so to fall back on, they don't.

This may be my mother's influence - she was a Red Cross worker in France during World War 2, so she was forced to keep optimistic. Here goes: What's happening with Hillary might all be a net positive. One knock on Barack Obama has been the lack of dues paying. Assuming he gets by the Clinton machine, nobody will ever suggest he hasn't paid his dues now. Hillary saw to that. Another person I am really getting tired of is James Carville. He got hooked up with Bill Clinton - a political superstar if ever one came down the road - and I sense James came away from the experience thinking it was his brilliance that gave Clinton the White House. Now, I know Carville came up with, "It's the economy, Stupid" and did a great job defeating George the First. But this time the political superstar is Barack Obama and I don't think James Carville's downhome spin is going to work. It's the candidate, Stupid.


If Carville convinced Perot to run then he could take credit for being brilliant:-)

As it is he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Unfortunately Obama doesn't draw beyond the young, African Americans, and the liberal wing of the Democratic party. The newest AP poll today shows her doing better against McCain than B.O. especially among "middle America".

So here is my prediction. She gets a couple of more victories in States not dominated by the liberal/African American vote. Her poll numbers keep looking good. The result is that the super delegates flock to her and she wins the nomination going away. I'm sorry Barak lovers but your candidate is toast.

Greg C

And that's how we get President McCain.

Obama, Clinton, McCain...you call any of those good options? That tears it. I'm starting a Barry Goldwater write-in campaign. Goldwater's Ghost '08

Obama Has won over my poker group(white 50 somethings). Rev. Wright we all would attend a church with that great energy if any of us were incline to attend chuch!

Would "white guilt-ridden liberal 50 somethings" be more accurate? Just a guess.

Hillary or McCain? Hmmm pretty much business as usual. Nope this 60+ year old white woman will vote for Obama...so will my 60+ year old husband who just switched from a life long Republican registration to Democrat. Due in part to the religious right, but also to Obama.

Pessimism is no longer a viable option for me. I could think of a million bad outcomes for the next year - the toxicity levels of that path are becoming unhealthy.
I suppose it would be idiotic to think what happened in 2006 won't happen again: We elected people to get us out of Iraq and once they were in office they caved.
I'm for Steve Novick but he has one line that infuriates me about the need for progressive leaders to show us the way. I think these are times when the electorate knew the way, told the people they put in office the way, and the Pelosi/Reid crew sold us out. I can see that happening again, but for now I'm going to remain hopeful.
It's also exasperating after the religious right put the Bush/Cheney war criminals into power, to have a pastor hurt Barack's chances. I'm getting really tired of clerics, wizards, and pastors interfering with our prospects of returning America to greatness.

You got it right as usual, Bill.
This almost 60, white, female, liberal life long, demo is voting for Barack with enthusiam and delight.
Hillary is just an old white man in drag as far as I am concerned.
If McCain wins I shall have to seriously consider moving to Canada, or I might end up at "Gitmo".

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