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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I liked it better when they just did their jobs

Like a pill that you were supposed to take with food, health care corporations' advertising makes me slightly nauseous. Take, for example, a sidebar ad that's been running whenever I check my blog traffic on SiteMeter. I don't know what shows up on the right of your screen when you go over there, but for me it's a Kaiser "Thrive" ad that I guess is supposed to be showing the advantages of yoga, but seems awfully focused on a young woman's derriere. Maybe it's just my dirty-old-man mind...

Then yesterday in the mail comes this beauty from OHSU:

Gee, I would have thought that the first thing the health experts would have told you was to wear a farookin' bike helmet.

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Nice set of glutes for me.

. . . the advantages of yoga, but seems awfully focused on a young woman's derriere

Um, I think that is the advantage of yoga.

The young woman's derriere is a good reason to occupy the back row of the yoga class.

Re the biking couple ad. From the looks of it, it seems like an ad for an erectile dysfunction pill. That or a treatment for venereal disease.

she's holding her head because someone just spit on her from the Tram.

Both hands on the handlebars, too.

Mom is about to eat it.

I went to the link and saw no advertising. I went back and tried again, still no go. then with a hunch I opened it up with IE and saw 3 Adverts running. and I reloaded it about 8 times desperately looking for Yoga Glutes. I then realized that IE was sending my IP to the advertisers and they keyed in on local adverts. Since I'm out of the Portland area I only got generic national Advertising. Thank God For Firefox!

They look so happy.

Must be a couple biotech researcher who live, work and play in SoWa.

And they just got a raise.

Funny that this came out today. The smiles look the same.

Those people look healthy. But if they actually needed to go to OHSU's ER, they'd find themselves waiting 5 to 12 hours for service. And if they called their family doctor at OHSU, the wait would be one to two weeks, even if they told the triage nurse they had chest pains. I'm not kidding about this. OHSU was a lot better better they consolidated their clinics at the SoWhat location.

oops. I mean to say before they consolidated their clinics at the SoWhat location. The gin got the better of me there.

I HATE power company commercials! Why does PGE and Pacific Power need to advertise? Last time I checked, I was told who my power company was.

Power rates are like taxes, you can't decide whether or not to buy, or what you pay, the company takes your money and decides what is BEST for you. Including seeing their name on a ballpark every day riding home from work.

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