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Monday, April 14, 2008

Election porn: a steady flow

A while back, we blogged about some campaign literature we had come across from Cyreena Boston, who's running for the state legislature from our gerrymandered district (45) here in northeast Portland. We noted that it looked more like a perfume ad than a political ad -- beautiful, but what's for sale?

A few days later, we got a nice phone call from Boston, who took it all in good humor. She sounded like a bright, thoughtful, and capable person -- just as several of her supporters had described her to us.

This last weekend, the steady-registered Democrat in our house received a four-page glossy mailer from one of Boston's opponents. This one made pretty clear that it wasn't from Calvin Klein:

Pow! Biff! Straight out of the "Batman" stylebook. Now that Diane Linn's out of the picture, they must have had extra "flash" and "smash" thingies lying around. Remember this one?

Man, that was a classic. Good times.

But we digress. To get back to 2008, Dembrow shows his serious lefty leanings with lots of promises that will keep the government employees firmly in his camp:

The third candidate in the primary, Jon Coney, hasn't darkened our door yet, but we suspect he won't be far behind. He's clearly winning the lawn sign battle in this part of the world. His pedigree with Metro dooms him, however, as far as we're concerned. All the clones over in the regional planner-tariat are behind him, which means it's highly unlikely that we will be.

Whoever wins the Democratic primary gets the seat. The "R" party doesn't stand a chance, and we don't think they're even running anyone.

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Speaking of candidates, I just got a KATU telephone poll (interesting, I have an unlisted number that I guard fairly zealously; they must use random dialers? Wonder if that includes cell phones?) on the 5th Congressional District primary race -- that was the only race polled (they fed me the two leading Dem names when I punched the button indicating that I am registered Dem). They wanted my sex, race, age, leanings (conservative/moderate/liberal or "not sure"), whether I attended church "regularly, occasionally, or never" (didn't ask about temple or mosque) and whether I was "Pro-Life" or "Pro-Choice."

I was surprised that they didn't poll the presidential and senate races while they had me on the line ... people are getting more and more poll-resistant, surprised they didn't try to squeeze more out of a willing participant.

They probably got your number from the county voter file. Everything you put on the card - party, phone number, address, etc. - is public record. If you don't want to receive polling/get out the vote calls, just re-register and don't include your phone number.

Dembrow rubs me the wrong way somehow. I'm sure there's not much difference between Boston and Coney and him issue-wise, so they're pretty much interchangeable.

I've heard him speak, and maybe it's his earnestness that turns me off. That, and he was the head of the PCC faculty union, if I recall correctly. Fox guarding the henhouse . . . doubt he'll give the public employee unions any grief.

At least he admits his Utopian views right there on the flyer. Who's going to pay? The questions Dems never dare to ask.

And an OEA endorsement? After what they've done to education in Oregon, does anyone support them anymore?

Dembrow needs either to shave, or grow a decent beard

da Bum

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