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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creepy XVI

The head of an international pedophile ring whose main concern is to protect the ring's money is visiting the United States this week. There have been several different phases of my life during which a papal visit would be a big deal. Nowadays, I wish I could be there to boo the guy.

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Now, that was just offensive...

I grew up Catholic, and I feel your pain. However, I don't think the situation warrants an active response like booing, as that would be a waste of energy that is unlikely to persuade the the Church to reform. And booing - and other actions like it - may cause one of the Church's remaining fanatical followers to try to run you down with a Church-owned vehicle disguised as a City of Portland transportation truck.

The better option is simply to ignore the Church. Ignore them, and don't send 'em any money. Lots of Catholics and ex-Catholics are already doing this, and eventually it will work. Unfortunately, you and I and your loyal readers may be dead by then.

Now that was just offensive.

Tell it to the bankruptcy judge.

What boorish behavior. Are you trying to get attention by making outlandish statements?

I don't get people. If the Catholic church was virtually any other organized religious denomination, it would have had its leader arrested for interference and such. I have no beef, and much admiration for the good works of millions of lay Catholics. But the Pope actively sought out the supression of abuse allegations. That is just plain offensive and boorish. Remind me, what is so Holy about that ? He was the last Pope's, "Dick Cheney".

What boorish behavior.

Sue me. I'll declare bankruptcy and you'll never get a dime. Let's play hardball.

While ignoring Rome is a fine idea, I've long wished for a complete schism. "North American Catholic Church" has a nice ring to it.

This is in very poor taste.

I assume you treat teachers and others who've abused children with the same vitriol? Or is it only the Church?

This goes beyond child abuse, which is bad enough. This is conspiracy and racketeering, among other things.


What part of abuse, cover-up and corruption is cool with you ? If the State School Supt or the President of Little League actively sought out to protect child molesters, we would want them punished too.

I completely agree that the local archbishops and bishops who were in charge of moving around known pedophiles from parish to parish should be vilified and even prosecuted. Powers, Levada and Vlazny (even Waldschmidt, whom I personally liked) come to mind. Vlazny should be equally vilified for his pastoral letter in 2004 to individual parishes, and even a personal appearance at a couple, where he strongly suggested that if you were to vote for a candidate who supports a woman's right to choose abortion (i.e. Kerry/Edwards) then you should refrain from the sacraments. As I have said in posts in the past, as a person who was the 'music' at hundreds of Catholic weddings, I knew a lot of the known pedophiles personally as priests and am horrified now as the information has been revealed about their perfidy and the deliberate closed eyes of the local church to it.

That said, the Church of Rome with Il Papa as its head is so far removed from the day to day operations of the Portland Archdiocese, and others, that I cringe at labeling him the "head of an international pedophile ring". I don't think the nexus between his knowledge and what happened on the street level is there. Am I wrong Jack? Respondeat Superior breaks down a little here, I think, as the American Catholic Church operates very much removed from the Vatican. I'm no fan of Pope Benedict, and I liked JPII not for his political beliefs (shudder) but rather his common touch with the people.

I'm a cradle Catholic who doesn't go to Mass much anymore. I wouldn't be out there waving at the Pope, or participating in all the pomp that GWB is rolling out (for purposes, doubtless, other than a deep respect for the Holy See). However, I think going as far as calling the Pope the head of an international pedophile ring is a tad over the top. If not, give me some facts to support that the Pope and his predecessors had personal knowledge of and supported these 'reassignments' of known pedophile priests, and I'll change my tune. Hyperbole or not.

The Vatican quite recently o.k.'d the fake bankruptcies, which was the last straw for me. But I'm sure the century-old entire whack-a-mole strategy for hiding the pedophiles was well known and sanctioned from above. Just about everything in that organization is -- particularly if there's money involved.

*Yawn* When the Oregon teachers Union gets serious about taking care of teachers that sexually abuse kids, I'll start worrying about the Catholic church.

I forgot, the State Bar too, getting information from them about attorney misconduct is like asking Skull & Bones for the minutes from their last meeting....

When the state bar starts moving pedophile lawyers around to new cities rather than kicking them out of the profession and turning them over to the cops, let me know.

Face it, Jack, your comments were beyond merely provocative. Reader responses and your snappy ripostes bear this out. A man with the facility for words you have could have (and should have) made your point differently. And this is not from some hyper-sensitive, politically correct type.

I wish I could be there to boo the guy.

If you're taking up a collection for a plane ticket, I'm in.

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