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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

Here's a blogger whose relationship with Starbucks is, shall we say, iced.

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One wonders about the seriousness and depth of the relationship when she cannot spell her lover's name correctly.

Jud, wouldn't a more accurate measure of her love be what name she shouts out... you know... in the throws?

I sometime say "Joe!" and then have to explain to my partner that I was just thinking about this great cup of coffee I had had earlier in the day.


I thought it was a great post. I never caught the starbucks bug. If I'm going to overspend on a beverage, I'd rather it be a local microbrew.

I always worry about what I shout out when I'm dreaming. ;-)
I'm good on Starbucks, since they're directly in between the choo choo train and my office. I'm also good on them because there are so many more coffee drinkers in town now that I have three independent places close to my house, and all are doing well.

Ah, we should always remember. That love is measured in sips not swallows.


What can I say? These are the people who took a cup of coffee from a fitty cent cuppa Joe to a four dolla latte.

Then, when I get to China, I find a Starbuck's not only in Beijing, but in the very bowels of the Forbidden City.

Mao and all the emperors of all the dynasties to go before must be turning over in their graves...spinning, even.

Don't forget the old aphorism:

"Familiarity breeds contempt."

You've become too familiar, Starbuck's, the contempt is now palpable.

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