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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Better than the Sunday funnies

I was reading this comical blog post about unclaimed property being held by the State of Oregon, when just for kicks (and work avoidance) I went over to the state site and threw in a name of someone whose address recently changed. Lo and behold, I found this and this. Too much. Do you think Blackmer and the munchkins know about it?

Then there's this, this, this, and even this. All sorts of fascinating entries over there.

Comments (4)

Maybe one of those unclaimed items is her much ballyhooed book which never materialized.

Ahhhh! Thanks for blogging about this! I just found four items listed under my company names and one under my name! Three of them even list the current addresses. I better file the inquiry forms to see what they are!

Thanks Jack, I found some money owed to me at an old address.

As well as my father in law, at the same address he has lived for 40 years, and still lives there today.

And a Vera Katz in Portland.
And a Bill Bradbury in Turner.
And a David Congressman (edit: actual middle name) Wu in Portland.
And a Antoinette Hatfield, as we ll as many Mark Hatfields.

Your tax dollars at work.... keeping your tax dollars from you, even if it would be very easy to find and return your money to you.

Wait...it says the proceeds go to the School Fund. Dont take your money! Its for the Children!

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