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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where the patchouli once flowed

Now that they've given the bum's rush to those hippies at the Saturday Market, the Portland Development Commission is looking to fix up the space under the Burnside Bridge at SW First Avenue.

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Thank God!

As a daily commuter I will be pleased to not have to deal with the bum-rush every morning while I'm riding the MAX through that station...assuming a retail presence will discourage the homeless from crowding the station, and the train...

I'm not sure I appreciate being called a 'hippie'.

I much prefer the term 'silver haired flower child'.

We're still there - just spread out a little differently. They've promised a new space across the street in the park will be ready by March 2009. (But once they promised a new space in the park by March 2008.)

Hey I embrace my hippie lineage! Much of what's positive about our current culture had it's seeds sown by a bunch of granola crunchers in the 60's. Think recycling, organic foods and environmental awareness for example.

I have rose colored optimism regarding the future of PSM in our new riverfront location but will be more than a little relieved to actually see an affordable lease from Parks Dept and the first shovelful of dirt fly out of the ground.

Those 'bums' on the other hand face challenges most of us can't imagine.

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