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Monday, March 10, 2008

Calvin Klein for state representative

We're still trying to figure out whom to vote for for our state representative to Cirque du Salem. As ever, it's amusing. Although we live in the Irvington and Alameda neighborhood "overlap," somehow we're gerrymandered into a district that runs all the way out to Parkrose. Whatever.

There are three folks in the running. One immediately fails by virtue of being a Metro Clone®. Spawn of Goldschmidt, get thee gone!

The other two candidates are both intriguing. The one guy's a Portland Community College professor -- head of the teachers' union over there. Green, green, oh so green -- just like Jackie Dingfelder, whom he's hoping to succeed.

The third hopeful for the seat shows a lot of promise -- the whole bright, shining, happy Bus kid thing -- but her campaign literature is odd, to say the least. I'm not sure what I'm being asked to do -- vote for somebody or buy perfume:

It's beautiful, but if this kind of pitch is effective with the constituents out by Costco, I'd be more than a bit surprised.

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A lack of affordable housing is becoming a threat to neighborhood livability across Oregon. I am committed to work to increase the number of affordable housing projects in Oregon so our communities can thrive!. More Condo's this time we will build them higher.

If Cyreena is as smart as Joann Bowman and maybe more centrist she could be a great asset for everyone. While I do admire Joann I felt her left leanings were to impractical and dogmatic. I haven't heard anything from Cyreena, but one can hope.

I think very highly of Cyreena Boston.

I live in Laurelhurst (Ben Cannon's district) so I can't vote for her, but I have given her money and I would love to see her bring her energy and intelligence to the legislature.

I met Cyreena twice...she is honest about her experience, has vision for the district, particularly around issues that affect young people and families, and a high level of integrity.

I'm not sure why you think Parkrose folks (i.e., my Mom) wouldn't like the simple professionalism of her campaign materials. This is the first I've seen them, and they're quite touching. While they're not rainbow coalition looking (i.e. a big multiculti fest) or super plain, they seem good and hopefully effective.

I'm not in her district, but have to say, Go Cyreena!

the simple professionalism of her campaign materials

Depends on the profession. Movie star, maybe.

Regarding the photos of Cyreena; I believe the correct term is: "damn!"

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