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Monday, March 31, 2008

Warm welcome

If you were at that game, would you have booed?
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Comments (24)

At a football game, Portland Storms, I did that to Goldschmidt at about 30 feet from him and got dagger looks from him.

Funny. The scant applause sounded 'piped-in' too...

It's hard to leave your insulated world and see that 28% approval rating face to face...

While much more difficult to organize, I think that a completely silent stadium would have had more of an effect. The idiot probably would have started doing some sort of jig or telling off-color jokes.

Of course, they could have just been yelling "Bruuuuuuuuuce."

Seeing Bush on a baseball field makes me wish they made steroids for the brain.

28% probably more accurately describes the percentage of fans at a National's game that isn't a registered Democrat.

Much as I'm not a fan of many of this administrations policies and have never voted for W., I wouldn't boo the guy at ballgame. Call me old school, but I still have some respect for the office and there's a part of me that admires the man for sticking to his guns. Let the hatred fly.

If the standard for "a part of me that admires the man" is for 'sticking to his guns' - in contravention of the facts, of the law, and the people, then let's add Baghdad Bob to the list of admirees.

I can't remember ever boo-ing someone in my lifetime of 50+ years. While I agree that a profound silence would have sent a powerful message, as a counterpoint to applause, yes, I would have boo-ed.

Call us "old school," too. [You know, loathe the man but respect the office...] Silence would have been an appropriate opprobrium. If anything, heckling downgrades the doer, not the target, no?

I agree with nancy. I would have boo-ed.
Unfortunately "w" is totally tone deaf, and he hears only himself.

I suspect this 70% in Jack's poll would also boo Hillary?

Given that 90% of the adult population of D.C. is involved in Government work, lobbying, consulting, welfare collection, and various other forms of leaching off honest taxpayers, it’s surprising that anyone applauded.

Remember, it's DC. Historically 50% of the people at any event will boo the sitting president, irregardless of approval ratings, economic highs/lows, etc. While the elected officials generally play nice in public, all the other political wonks, staffers, operatives, and groupies are always more than willing to act lemming-like.

Old School here too! Criminal prosecution and hanging!

Bush may be awful but at least he'll go on to make some additional millions after he's done with his presidency. He's in a lot better shape than John Branam here in town who will be looking to hold onto his current job when his entire fiasco of a race is all said and done.


I would have booed Bush from the second he stepped onto the field till the moment he disappeared. It's my opinion the man is a disgraceful incompentent and liar. The office of the Presidency, and the nation, deserved better.

By the way, that pitch was high and inside. I'm sure there's a joke there somewhere comparing the pitch to W.'s early years, but I can't think of it.

I wouldn't have boo'ed, but that's because I would have been in line for a beer.

Booing him in a secret prison would be fine. But out in public? How rude.


I was at the nats opener on sunday and the booing was actually seemed much louder in person than on the clip.

And yes, you bet your a** I booed as loud as I could. Good times (and good ending to the game as well).

The video is broken. WTF?

Probably yanked for copyright reasons.

It's still up for the moment here.

[i]Much as I'm not a fan of many of this administrations policies and have never voted for W., I wouldn't boo the guy at ballgame.[/i]

I would not have booed either, and I think it's simply out of respect for the office, not the man.

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