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Saturday, March 22, 2008


You knew it was coming, just in time for the Presidential campaign. Another atrocity on American soil.

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Old news. The resolution was more fun that the Berkley pot stirrers would have imagined. HAPPY EASTER to you and yours. Thanks for the Great Blog.

I hate saying it, but I'm actually siding with the Marines on this one. The city council getting involved ... whoop-dee-doo, but waiving fees for protesters while charging those same fees for supporters seems dishonest. I think I'm more offended by the lack of content neutrality than anything else.

That's what's wrong with Jon Stewart. He oughta get out more. Discover war is a racket, is all. Don't need no stinking standing army ... when you think about it ... which few do ... while it's easier to let someone else supply a ready answer and say how to think ... even if it's not true and is built of lies.

So, ya' know, like, where is the WMDs? ? ? F'rinstance. Hey, ya' see one lie, ya've seen 'em all. There ain't no terrorists. There ain't no enemy threat -- not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.

BTW, speaking of taxes -- and who isn't? -- 75 cents out of every dollar out of your paycheck as Fed.Income.Tax, buys those brawny braves or someone like them following orders, (just, not your orders), and pays them to pump out the layer of lies laid on everyone ... for the ones who don't think to hide under.

Other than that, Stewart is fairly good, if you don't think about it.

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