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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Times reporters jumping ship

First Linda Greenhouse, its Supreme Court reporter, drifted away, and now David Cay Johnston, its resident expert on federal tax and public subsidy scams, is reported to be leaving. Methinks bad things are happening at the Times. Probably a curse from when they moved away from their old building. [Via TaxProf Blog.]

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Maybe it has more to do with the fact that The Times is part of a dying (or at least severely restructuring) system.

I blame (people like) you, Jack.

I don't do what people like Greenhouse and Johnston do. They are a lot more essential to democracy than bloggers. Without the raw data they provide, the rest of us wouldn't have nearly as much to write about.

Alas, the computer has wrecked their industry's business model. Just ask any former record company executive, now selling ringtones or cell phone antenna systems for a living.

Let's hope there will always be a place for smart people like those two to have their voices heard. And that multiple organizations continue to cover the beats that they have been covering.

Don't forget the NY Times ailing financial condition plays a part in this. Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that their bonds were being downgraded. I haven't checked their stock price; but I suspect it's also near a 52 week low.

Not only is the Times in the tank financially, but there's a proxy fight looming.

A long time ago people at the Times became intoxicated with their mission of “all the news that’s fit to print” and have been analyzing the paper with that mind set. If their self examination was objective and devoid of ideology, they wouldn’t be in such a pickle.

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