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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

These guys suck

Here's a nasty little critter who's been making the rounds, big time, in area schools and day care centers this winter. After going through the whole search-and-destroy mission at our house, our older daughter decided she would do her independent study project on these pests. We now know a whole lot more about them than we ever wanted to.

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I didn't fully understand the term "nit picking" until these criters visited my childrens school.

Even the possibility of an infestation is enough to make one panic. I once lived in a shared house in NE PDX where we thought a house guest had brought lice to the well-used sofa in the living room. For the next 2 or 3 days we were all convinced we had picked up lice, but the fears proved unfounded. It probably wasn't quite as unpleasant as actually having them...

They're kinda gross, but they're not actually a health hazard.

Thanks, my head is itching as I read this.

There is no full time nurse at our elementary school. So, no one screens the students who had lice before they come back to school. We have been through the delousing drill 4 times this year and it's getting old. Every time we check to make sure the critters and their eggs are gone. I wish other families would do the same.

The best cure for head lice I found is the Robi-comb.

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