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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's gotta hurt

I hear this passed today. Ouch.

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Oh joy, when Randy gets hold of the PDC piggy bank to start paying more benefits, it will be wonderful for the uber-class of city employees.

What am I missing here? Seems like PDX has done the smart thing and consolidated its legal services provider. I'm only marginally surprised that PDC had its own counsel, but having the City Attorney do that work seems to make sense. I feel like I'm missing out on a great joke or story.

The PDC is becoming a regular city bureau, although the move is gradual. Given the excesses of the Katz-Goldschmidt people who ran it for many years, it's not a surprising development. At least with the city commissioners, there's a chance of voting them out.

No duct tape will sully our city streets, but the councilmen are definitely marking off a choice bit of PDC territory as their own.

Good. PDC is too brave lately. A couple choice busts will do them and all of Portland some good. Bring it.

This isn't about Randy and the PDC piggy bank. The PDC lawyers were preventing the city attorney and city auditor from accessing the PDC books.
There is much to discover in those books.
Here come the audits.
Now watch the scramble for the door at the PDC.

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