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Friday, March 21, 2008

That was quick

The Ducks, who couldn't muster a winning record in the Pac 10, couldn't win a game in the NCAA Tournament, either.

Maybe a $200 million arena will help.

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No love for Davidson for taking out the trash?

I am visiting New Orleans for Spring Break and happened to catch part of the Oregon/Mississippi State game at a crawfish boil last night. They are big SEC fans down here, so I was the odd man out rooting for Oregon.

I watched the Ducks squander a 10-point lead in the course of a brief conversation with the host about his family's tribulations during and after Katrina.

I was surprised he didn't know the name Travis Outlaw because I assumed that Travis played at Mississippi State in his hometown of Starkville, Mississippi. It was only later that I recalled Outlaw was drafted out of Starkville High School.

I came across this blog about Outlaw's plan to root for Mississippi State in last night's game. He makes several good points, albeit in a style of language that makes rather judicious use of the verb "to be".


The negative,cranky old man comes out once again. Give it a rest.

Duck fans -- bwahahahahaha!

Of course, now that they're bypassing the bid process since they've got their hands on state money, we should start referring to that as "the $250 million arena."

I should have said "the infinitive 'to be'".

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