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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh, my

My mom will be so proud.

I only wish there was enough left on top to actually do it.

Comments (6)

I know its old news but could Emilie Boyles have a "Grab-It-and-Go Hawk"?

The glasses, dark hair and front-teeth gap give it away: the Willy put your name under their standard caricature of Nick Fish. D'oh!

Too funny!

Honey, that doesn't even *look* like you! They need to get a better caricaturist.

W needs a better caricature, but you should seriously consider rocking the Bohawk.

That image does make me look Fishy -- and even a little Stenny.

The Bohawk would definitely have some bare spots. Maybe I could have something shaved into my back instead.

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