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Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama photo-rama

Our friend Bill McDonald sends along a couple of photos from today's Obama rally at the Portland Memorial Coliseum:

I thought it was cool that he had one of the guys from Los Lobos on stage with him.

UPDATE, 6:16 p.m.: For those finding that line offensive, substitute the following: "It looks like Springsteen is letting himself go." Thank you.

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More, from the O, here.

One of the guys from Los Lobos? Really?

No, it's the governor of New Mexico.

It's easy to get ahead of history, but if things break a certain way, the event this morning could be on the short list of most historic things ever to happen in Memorial Coliseum. (The top being the Beatles and the Walton-era Blazers - although I have to give a nod to the night Jerry Garcia decided to do a dissertation on American Music. Maybe it was just my frame of mind.)
It all depends on Barack's future, but this sure looked like history in the making, and the noise in there was intense. The old place was rocking once again and that was really fun to see. I can certainly imagine kids 40 years from now saying, "You saw Barack Obama speak in person? Oh, wow!"
Or whatever exclamations they use then.
Of course, if Hillary or McCain wins the presidency, the event this morning will rank just above the last Winter Hawk game with Moose Jaw.

You saw Barack Obama speak in person? Oh, wow!

Yeah, but I saw him when he only played to a couple thousand at the Convention Center. That was four months before Iowa, man. Now that was a set!

He played an even smaller show down in Salem. My aunt was positively giddy about sitting within 8 feet of him. Here's her picture from that event.

I wish I could have been there this morning. It's good to see pictures of a stuffed Coliseum. It gives me hope that the Republicans may not be able to muck this thing up as much as I'd feared. Obama has weathered the last ten days fabulously.

It gives me hope that the Republicans may not be able to muck this thing up as much as I'd feared.

I don't think there's any chance Republicans will be able to outdo what Obama's doing to himself.

As for today's rally...


As for Bill's dissing the Winter Hawks...

not so much :-)

Jack's Los Lobos jape...


I'm not trying to one up you, Chris, but I thought this was a funny comment on how the Obama campaign is going: Back before the September Obama event, I applied for a Press Pass based on my cable access show, and it was granted. I got to bring my camera to the Convention Center and stand on the press riser, getting the speech with a high def camcorder. There were around 15 or 20 of us including a crew from Asia, but it wasn't a big press thing. Today, the main riser had three levels with tons of press and there was a second smaller riser seen in the pictures above. Due to the endorsement, the event was featured on Drudge and NBC Nightly News, etc...Because of attending the first event, I get a continuous series of emails from the campaign. One was even entitled "Turn On Your Television" the night of Iowa. I got one for this event so I just had to hit a button to get an emailed ticket.

However, when I asked for a Press Pass this time, they never even emailed me back. Not even to say "No." Things are going much better with the campaign.
By the way, my favorite line at the Convention Center went something like: "I'm tired of Bush and Cheney viewing the Constitution as a nuisance to be avoided."
I was trying to think of the last time I felt someone was as much of a winner as Obama. All I can compare it to was how I felt about Joe Montana before he won any Super Bowls. That was the last time I sensed this kind of winning chops.

Gee, Bill, you need to take a cold shower.

You also need to stockpile your anti-depressant of choice for the coming McCain administration.

I'm pretty sure you're already on the Republican's DNR list.

I call them as I see them.
Incidentally, I bet a lot of money (for me anyway) before that first Super Bowl with the Bengals. I think it was 50 bucks.
Of course, elections have a greater chance of being rigged, so you can't bet on them.
I thought the New Hampshire Primary was rigged this time - Hillary should already be done.

I'm not trying to one up you, Chris

No worries, Bill. I was trying to sound like my brother who saw Nirvana in the days before Nevermind.

It definitely is interesting to see how far Obama has come. Here's a test for you though. See if you can get a press pass to see Hillary next week. It's the same phenomenon in reverse. There's probably no way you would have been able to get in to see her in 2004 or whenever it was she was here. But now I bet you could. It's the campaign in microcosm.

Looking at Barack's rack of planets, Oh baby! Is good, fundamentally, and is at a peaking two-year phase, the apex three months from now.

Comparison charts to his, (it's about 'contact points'), shows ol' Poppy Bushbutcher is mortal enemy being so jealous. Junior jughead is obliterated in comparison.

I wouldn't go across the street to see the great pretender (Senator O) - however, what was VERY noticeable by my wife who works downtown was what happened to downtown while O was in town. Suddenly the panhandlers, the drunks, the homeless and the near-dwell kids all disappeared. Senator O was staying at the Benson and while he was here, all the riff-raff ... disappeared. Within hours of his leaving they all reappeared. No conspiracy theory, just an observation. Also, no, we don't believe that the big faker, "O", is the second coming (as so many seem to think) so no, we don't think the folks mysteriously disappearing was some divine intervention. We just hope O loses.

Whatever happened to no white shoes/pants before Memorial Day?

Fashionista tongues are wagging.

Fab 5 does NOT approve of Governor Richardson flaunting fashion taboo.

The presidential candidates in Nov. will be McCain and Obama. I would not place money on the outcome of that contest. Obama would win about 60% of vote in PDX, but in the rest of the world?

I thought it was cool that he had one of the guys from Los Lobos on stage with him.

Seriously, Jack?

I know you're trying to be funny, but as a Latino and a long time reader of this blog I've come to expect at least a little more from this blog. This sort of "they all look alike" kind of humor is not much different than those folks who'd call Obama "clean."

That's it, put racist words in my mouth and then call me a racist. Easy, and it makes you feel so righteous! Maybe you can go write for the Mercury.

I think Jack is comparing him to one specific guy in Los Lobos.

Bill, don't try to defend it. If two public figures are of the same race, and it's any race other than white, you're not allowed to comment on their physical similarity to each other.

Not the lefty guitar player...the other front man dude.
Oh never mind.

This is my race card: let me show it to you.

"... hope he loses ..."

Good God, make matters go Bad. Invoking the beneficent for malice: Hope he loses. Hope: the greatest beneficent human power.

Not that (editorial) 'we' think of any alternative, better, future. Just, don't change anything, stop having future. Hope they ALL lose, and ... so nothing changes.

'Hope he loses, not to say a name I hope wins.' It somehow stuck a pinprick in my depressed feeling ... and I was transported back, back ... back . . . b a c k to a time I wanted it all to STOP. I was opposed to ALL the choices, every one of them false and the wrong way to go. I hope they ALL lose. And I have been fighting to undo everything and roll it all back to the way it was then, ever since. 1980. Reagan. 'Couldn't everybody foresee the fascism he'd cause?' I screamed. Probably they could, but the vote was rigged, and then lies were told to 'interpret' and spin how that outcome could be, and to make 'meaning' in it, 'meaningfulness' for the lies, a 'benevolence' in the dictator. And I dropped out. Go on without me.

Malice, and malicious lies, cannot do benefit. Beneficence cannot do malice.

And the whole damn enchilada has been off track on the highway to hell ever since. Friggin' Hartmann comes along now, with his "the destruction of the middle class began with Reagan"-ditty. No shout Sherlock, what gave you your first clue.

Meanwhile, two whole damn glaze-eyed slack-jawed doofus, doofusser, beavis, and mushhead generations are come to power -- unable to make change at the checkstand if the cash register breaks, dimwittedly charging into Iraq and torturing living things if television says to -- complete loooozers. TWO GENERATIONS. Of clueless anti-social imbeciles ... generally speaking. Or, 'generationally' speaking.

Some get a niche. A gravy train to ride. A cash flow they can divert from and drink their fill, and then some, and then bygawd it's 'I got mine, everyone else is on their own, don't change anything, forget the future, forget going forward, it don't get no better than this, monkeywrench and jam the works of anyone trying to build the better and progress good socialism.' "I hope he loses."

This is Lamebrain, LIARS, O'Racist and the rest of the hatetalkers. 'I got mine, STOP progressing.' They never have a forward thought. ALL they have is 'tear it down, stop the better tomorrow, stay here like this, caste in place.'

So what I am trying to get to is the lyrics of 'Barry's Boys,' the artful masterstroke that captured in songlyric parody the 'revival' of ridiculous Republican idolatry of money, as if currency could be stopped circulating, |freeze Time|, and the have's have it, and the have-not's ... who?, no one ever heard of .... It was the Chad Mitchell Trio, for the 1964 prex scrum; and ya' know what?, the lyrics are NOwhere on the internet. Censored art. So, from frayed memory:

We're the bright young men, [the voice that says "... hope he loses ..."]
Who want to go back to nineteen-ten,
We're Barry's Boys.
We're the kids with a cause,
A government like Grandmama's,
We're Barry's Boys.
Back to when the poor were poor,
And rich were rich,
And you felt so damn secure
Just knowing which was which.
... something something something and
something something petty,
All we're doing is doing the same,
as John Paul Getty.
Oh, we're the bright young men,
Who want to go back to 1910,
We're Barry's Boys.

Back to you, Jack, and Bill ... over ...

Frayed memory? Now it tells us.

"All I can compare it to was how I felt about Joe Montana before he won any Super Bowls. That was the last time I sensed this kind of winning chops."

The thing I remember most about Joe were the close up camera shots of him in the huddle, 3rd down and long, where he was down 2 TDs, in the 4th Quarter. He was smiling, totally cool, while everybody else had a serious, even sick look on their faces.

Joe Montana could work the clock and come from behind like no other QB, ever. Total confidence. Born for the impossible comeback.

Obama, although not coming from behind, also has that sense of quiet confidence. Born for such a time as this.

As a former Presidential Candidate who partied with Los Lobos, I'm getting a kick out of these replies.

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