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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Keepin' it weird

Here are a couple of hippy-dippy Portland business consultants making a national splash with a message that's all too familiar to those of us who follow city government in these parts: "Make cool mistakes."

Comments (4)

"A culture of yes"?

How about a "culture of yeesh"?

Isn't that how yuppies got their name -- a culture of "Wanna buy this?" "Yup."

it's cute when folks who spend their life squeezed into a gray cubicle, tethered to a computer, collectible toys stacked neatly nearby hire "creative" types to "loosen up."

that sucking sound you hear is your soul leaving the building, cubicle monkeys. it won't be coming back.

Does So What qualify as a "cool mistake"?

Even if not, it seems the Council thought so.

So...Why is Big Pipe (Sodium Man) so intent on finding a new fee (or set of fees) to fund "park development"?

Dan, Dan, Dan...You've got to show that you're responsible with the allowance you've already been given before we'll up the amount. You have not shown that at all. Instead, you seem to have been intent upon expanding the number of overpriced legacy projects and answering to the desires of Homer Williams. In a time of constricting maintenance budgets and falling revenues, it's not responsible, particularly when you redirect funds dedicated for existing park upkeep to fawn all over So What's Poodle Poop Park with millions of misdirected park operations funds and levy money dedicated to other capital projects.

Once you show us that you can be responsible with the money we already give you, then we'll consider an increase.

I, for one, am not holding my breath on this.

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