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Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's the Grampy & Sho Show!

Wherein "I trust Sho" has certain negative implications...

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Good. Sam needs to move to San Francisco.

We need to add some commissioners that are not uber liberals with Sho. Step up voters. Bring common sense back to our government that can fill pot holes and not slyly tax.


Grampy has added to his list of accomplishments while in office.

1. Grow a beard.

2. Not to run for another term.

3. Support Sho Dozono for Mayor.

Keep up the good work Tom, you still have some time left to add more.

In Tom Potter endorsement of Dozono, he talked almost entirely about Sho's experience in education. You would have thought Dozono was running for School Board President, not mayor. And that is the problem.

Potter and his understudy Dozono do not understand the mayor's job is about city services: police, fire, water, sewers, and parks. Thank God Sam Adams gets it. We need a mayor to address real city problems. Dozono and Potter should join their local PTA.

Tom (Petty) Potter, the petulant piper of Portland. Off in the sunset with a whimper. Somebody change his diaper.

Thank God Sam Adams gets it. We need a mayor to address real city problems.

There's a problem with that calculation - Sam Adams is the poster boy for "real city problems".

Yeah – if I were the Dozono campaign – I wouldn’t use the words “trust” and “Sho” in the same sentence too often, kinda brings up some bad memories of stealing from a 4 year old.

bring it on Mark W. Sam's this year's Francesconi.

When we put Sho and Sam in a room together, what are the chances the voters actually might get a real debate instead of the politics of personality?

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