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Friday, March 14, 2008

Have a great weekend

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Sappy, but good! Guess which one was stoned.

Lip synched, but sill a big improvement over The Captain & Toenail.

I once saw them perform. The opening acts were Scott McKenzie and a dancing elephant.

Also this weekend: http://ivaw.org/wintersoldier

Guess which one was stoned.

All four seem pretty likely suspects in that department.

In March 1966, when "California Dreamin'" was a big hit, I was a 3rd grader in a small town in western South Dakota. A blizzard blew in and stayed for four days. After the first day, the power went out and all we had to entertain ourselves was a battery operated radio, on which "California Dreamin'" played over and over. It was hilarious because the storm left something like 12 feet of snow piled in drifts everywhere. We had to tunnel out of our house when it was over. We were out of school for a month because it took two weeks to clear the snow, and another two weeks to dispose of livestock that was no longer, well, alive. The Mamas and Papas will always remind me of the great blizzard of 1966, and I don't care if they were stoned!

Thanks, Jack,
I really needed this today. And don't forget the contribution Michelle and John Phillips made by helping to organize the Monterey Pop Festival - a little gig that introduced Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, and Jimi Hendrix to much of America.

Yeah; Joplin, Redding and Hendrix gave new
meaning to "Pop."

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