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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greek Cusina may lose liquor license

The state says the place is too out of control.

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The comments on the Tribune's site are pretty much spot on. Went to the Greek for a law school end-of-year party and it was insane. I'm surprised it hasn't been shut down for fire-code ... place was packed, no way to move around.

Part of the Greek's problem is its size ... you put that many people in one place you will end up with conflict. I think its at least 3 floors of bars; there is no internal security so there no control.

And it's hard to figure out how they can get away with fencing off 3/4 of the width of the sidewalk on the SW 4th Ave side. Maybe Commissioner Leonard gives them a pass because it's not duct tape...

Ah the Greek

I went there the weekend before school started in the fall with a few buddies of mine. Out of nowhere, an 6 foot 5 african american body builder looking guy socked a 5 foot 90 lb white girl knocking her out [and most likely breaking her jaw]. Needless to say, a huge black vs. white fight [yes, race was involved] broke out upstairs. While attempting to flee, my buddy was put in a half nelson by one man, thrown on the floor, and stomped in the face by two other men. The security just stood around watching.

The last time my wife and I went there for dinner, we sat next to a couple in their 20's who were speaking Russian.

When it's time to pay for dinner, Mikhail pulls out a roll of bills about two inches thick, and makes a big production of pulling a Franklin of the top, with another one clearly underneath.

It could be the rest of the wad was all ones and fives, but (if they were all 100's), he must have had several thousand dollars in the roll.

Drugs, counterfeiting, money laundering, mafia? All of the above? He didn't look like a lawyer or a longshoreman, so I'm guessing he didn't make that kind of money with the sweat of his brow. Or maybe he was just a visiting oligarch, spending his oil wealth.

Better yet, does anybody know how to roll money up like toilet paper? I'd never seen a perfect roll of money before.

I worked at the greek for about 3 years as a bar tender. The capacity is for about two hundred people for each floor. The fencing on 4th is considered a patio and they pay a yearly fee. Now all clubs have issues with patrons that have been drinking to much. And its kinda silly to tell you the truth to blame Bartenders or a business for over serving people and not holding accuntable the idiot that does not now his or her limits.

My cousin was a bouncer there for several years. He has regaled us with horrendous stories of what went on there. For the owner to appear on TV and say there are NO problems there is asinine.

I have heard that there is a large Russian/Ukraine/Greek mob presence in PDX and has been for decades....and the Greek has been a popular meeting place/hang out for years. Purportedly because PDX is a port city with more lax port security than most.

This does seem like a personal vendetta that the OLCC has with the Greek. The Greek Cusina is the only business that has taken them to court and won, over the free pour of ouzo, and if you look at the OLCC manual now there is a multiple page chapter explaining the case. Bottom line is that there probably still bitter over that.

Reminiscent of Portland night life in the middle/late Forties, before Dorothy took credit for cleaning it up.


Not Toto's friend. Although, your point hits the mark.

Dorothy (Dotti) McCullough Lee the 1st female mayor of Portland also served in the Oregon House and was one of the first lady lawyers along with Gladys Everett in the city. She "fought sin" and "enforced the law". She was served from 1949 to 1953.
Quite a character in Portland's history

Their music was so loud My ears are still ringing after two days.Lousy drinks too.Rude obnoxious servers and DJ.And the owner?A**HOLE.Actually shoved my wife.I hope they get shut down and run out of town,

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