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Friday, March 28, 2008

Go back to sleep

You wonder why the average guy or gal ignores state politics? Check this out. It's just about the blandest coverage of a hot race that you could imagine. To write a less interesting piece on that contest would be difficult.

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Go back to sleep? It's snowing out and Bruuucceee is in town! I thought you'd be too charged up to sleep.

This week's WW cover story on the AG race steps it up a notch.

"Next Oregon attorney general likely to be a Democrat"

Gee, how long did it take them to figure that headline?

The Silent Majority continues to be squeezed out by our political parties. With support from SEUI and the Sierra Club Kroger is off somewhere to the left. Good ol' boy MacPherson is of course very establishment. His law making pseudoephedrine OTC drugs less accessible does have a cost, much bigger than he thinks. I may have to vote for "None of the Above" again.

This is like when someone opens a container in the fridge, takes a whiff, screws their face, and says "OH GOD! This smells horrible. Smell it." And then you do and you can't figure out why they wanted you to smell it or why you smelled it after it obviously was determined that it smelled horrible. Thanks a lot, Jack.

State politics seem akin to buying video games on a specialized website: there are only certain players and certain games. The Attorney-In-Charge for Commercial, Condemnation and Envirnomental issues at the AGs office has learned the games by playing them, and now defends them for the state. I don't know that this mess can be cleaned up from inside, because it is the entire website that needs to be shut down and replaced.

Quaint "Silent Majority." Words unspoken for a month of Sundays.

Whoever S-M ever amounted to, neither term described. Grab a :60-second dose of LIARS Larson any day, ("OH GOD! This smells horrible. Smell it."), and pierce your eardrums with the lethal decibels of a pointed hate stick that a splinter group of 10 frequent-fascist bedlamites can broadcast. The vestigial dinosaur brains from 3 generations ago whose Broca's tissue transplants filled the void that animatronicked Raygun's jerking spazzes.

Not 'silent majority' -- Violent Perjorative, is accurate description. Who can forget his psychotic delerium drooling, "We start bombing in 5 minutes."

'Moral Majority,' (though hardly self-identified), however, seems rising in its own, like the cream of milk, every time larger crowds and frequent sights of demonstrators appear in view, signing, "IMPEACH INSTANT!" "NO Blood 4 Oil" "OUT of Iraq NOW" "War Criminal Bushbutcher" "9/11 Cheney DID IT" and so on.

Things could be worser...Kulongoski was Attorney General and was also a supreme court justice, how's that for the wrong man for the right job? So the great hair guy or the tough guy? I think either way it beats the past and present holder of the 2nd most important office in Salem.

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