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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big time, I'm on my way I'm making it

Hey, this blog has been selected as one of the five best Oregon politics blogs by some guy at The Washington Post. That and $1.75 will get us... well...

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Jeez, they could at least comp you a ride on the PHART.

Congrats, Cuz.

But it is NOT a political blog. It is only more and better political sense here than those others which call themself a political blog. It's like the proverbial Groucho Marx moment: not wanting to belong to any group that that Washington Post doofus would put you to belong to. He should have picked one -- call Bojack The Best political blog -- and let the others take notes on how it's done.

Damn the fool's praise; Jack, you deserve peer review, and he ain't in your league or up to it. Here are some of his ignominious credentials and foolish falsehoods from before.

I object that his tainted tracks came to your door. The other four are just his speed, just his slum type, matches made in cluelessness.

Couldn't help but notice Loaded Orygun didn't make the list. I'm sure it has something to do with a Merkley-Chisholm cabal conspiring against Mark Bunster (aka torridjoe) and his few regular commentators.

This honor doesn't surprise me a bit. Congratulations!

Me neither. Ditto.

Congratulations to you!!

Unless I missed something in your link you managed to post a comment without reference to Lars Larson. Congratulations. I'm glad the new meds are working.

Congrats Jack. But I see you didn't make this very important list of blogs.

atcher: You missed something.

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