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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A spring break afternoon nap

We needed some shut-eye just after lunch, and we found absolutely perfect conditions in the TV room. There were mattresses spread out on the floor right in front of the big-screen TV, the scene of a kid sleepover the night before. Nobody else was home.

We closed the drapes, hunkered down under the kiddie covers, and flipped on the tube. Nothing interesting on the sports channels at that hour... Here ya go -- a Portland Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund Board of Trustees meeting on cable access. Perfect.

They're in the City Council chambers. What the heck is that ugly wall hanging behind the mayor's desk supposed to be -- some kind of map? There's what's her name, the head of the city's Human Resources department, presiding. A few cops and firemen, with their game faces on, on either side of her. Man, they sure are meticulous when they're counting out that pension money. COLA this, retro that. You wish they were so vigilant when it came to other procedures -- like not killing innocent people. Look out, Jim Jim Chasse!

At the table talking to the panel, a firefighters' union guy, acting all tough. We're sure he had big shoes to fill when Randy headed off to greener pastures. And some gal sitting next to him with all the answers. Is that Linda Meng, the city attorney? No name plate in front of her. Something about "earned" versus "received"... Man, this is getting... very... boring... Pillow warming up...

Next thing we know, we've woken up, and the meeting's over. They're playing some sort of annoying music -- too grating for sleep. We switch over to some sports channel or other and roll over.

It's college coaches yakking about the Sweet 16 in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. There's Ernie Kent's voice. Guess he's trying out broadcasting, since he may have a new job soon... Still, very... soporific...

Who knows how long afterward, we awake with a start. Now there's a Texas Hold-Em game in progress with that Danny guy and some great big blonde gal in a field of six players. The kids are home, and it's time to get up. No more Ernie Kent. No more firemen playing hard guy. No more Linda-Meng-maybe.

But dang, that was a good nap.

Comments (5)

I think that ugly wall hanging is some type of representation of the Willamette River, but I am not sure.

It's hideous.

We wonders when it was you embraced the royal we, we does.

We doesn't like it; no, we doesn't, not at all.

We don't do reviews in the comments here.

We don't do reviews in the comments here.

We don't?

Rehear! Rehear!

Meanwhile, Jack, in another part of the city, I was sleeping with you. Except, I slept through the afternoon fundraising speils between the mariachi - macarena music ... unless it was the roots of rock 'n' roll ... playing on my radio. TV is a waste of electrons. and neurons.

Just saying, asking, could you blog a bit for KBOO, FM 90.7, and worldwide-wise at KBOO(dot)FM

Non-corporate, community-supported, volunteer-powered, listener-learning radio.

What, you expect them to buy ads, like OPB, with congregation donations?

I yearn the year and dream the day when taxes, fees, or municipal bonds like libraries, or something, funds public radio and TV broadcasting. Let everyone pay a t'pence -- and those who like to listen, listen in, and those who like to watch, watch on, and those who like the while to nap instead, get nappy headed -- and eradicate the pox of pledge-n-drive.

Radio: a library of music, news, communication interaction. Like libraries of books; everyone pays, so all may and some do borrow.

Taxpayer-funded radio (and TV) broadcasting is the wave of the future, because it was how the airwaves began, as the BBC in 1923, and then across the next decade and North America. As in the beginning, so in the end. In between there's been this interval of advertising corporate sponsors of fascist mind massmedia perfusion.

Just saying, radiowave (massmedia) broadcasting is a public utility in the planet's atmosphere, (no one may patent naturally occurring resources such as oxygen or the electromagnetic field), and with public funding of the broadcast radiation, each of us has equal-access turns in the air for any message we're just saying.

Pay some tithe for paying attention, that K-BOO disarms the scares of corporate terror ads.

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