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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A lie a day

"The streetcar pays for itself."

-- Michael Powell, before the Portland City Council, March 20, 2008.

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I don't know the context of Powell's statement, but I would hazard a guess that he really means the streetcar is a huge gain for HIS business. Having all those tourist readers dropped off right at the door of his bookstore means big dollars for him.

I doubt that most businesses that just happen to be near streetcar stops have an equal share in the benefits.

Lets not forget John Ashforth who has been getting properties by Lloyd Center cheap for a long time. He is also pushing the CC Hotel hard.

When are people going to realize how well manipulated they have Adams?

Just saw my first Chris Smith lawn sign of the election season. God help us

Is there a streetcar or a condo tower on Smith's lawn sign?

This question is streetcar for whom? So far it's been primarily for developer pipe dreams. The average Portlander has not seen the benefit of the streetcars.

I think most people benefit from the streetcar. The exception might be the owner of the odd mis-parked truck. The relevant questions are, how much benefit? and at how much cost?

I would be shocked if even 10% of Portland's citizens have ever boarded the Streetcar.

How can you suggest "most people" benefit from something they've never ridden, and only slows down the right lane of traffic?

Smith's signs say

Vote 4 me and a
"Streetcar Named Conspire"

My only question is... how is it possible that we've gone THIS long before "Streetcar Named Conspire" was penned?? Love it!

Now THIS is a streetcar. (Also posted as a link to the "How was your Easter?" query.)

If you think about it, businesses that are tourist oriented will be big backers of the streetcar loop. What better than a place where folks can fly in, take light rail to the hotels downtown, and then be able to hit all the tourist spots without renting a car. The streetcar definitely feathers their nests.... unfortunately we end up with a minimum wage economy and a huge tax burden.

I don't buy the tourism pitch at all.

It just isn't that convenient to haul one's tourist luggage on MAX, there aren't that many "tourist spots" to visit, this aint San Francisco and vacationer/tourists don't choose to go somewhere because of nifty mass transit unless there's nifty things to take it to.
That's the problem with the Tram. It's nifty but it doesn't go any where or even to the top of the hills. So big deal.
The Palm Springs Tram is a Tram.

The many other destinations where there's bigger and better reasons to go there leave Portland the same place it was before our rail transit and Tram.
A second tier, second thought stop over at best. Just like Portland, every single major top tier competitor has been dolling up their locales with shops and restaurants to further augment their major attractions.

Sorry "Dreamers" the idea that Portland's planning and choo choo transit gives it a leg up on the competition is nothing but more of Portland weird.
So if your goal is to "Keep Portland Weird" be happy.

Adding a Convention Center Hotel won't change a thing either.
Unless it has a major casino of course. Then I'd wager Portland could begin competing with those more attractive destinations.

10-4 Ben. I agree totally.

The biggest tourist destinations around these parts are Multnomah falls/gorge, the Oregon coast, Mt. Hood and the Japanese Gardens. No streetcars running there ... yet.

Tourism is becoming a key way cities and groups "compete" with each other for money and prestige.

in my opinion, there's a price to pay for that.

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