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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 OLD 2 TXT (+ PDX)

Here's a story on the latest manifestation of the Generation Gap, with a Portland dad and daughter as the poster children.

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Since he's learning maybe I can text him to stop dragging his kids on that cooking show of theirs. They always look so miserable.

You know you're just a few years away, right?

My ancient (but perfectly functional) cell phone does not have text messaging capabilities. When I have used it in front of friends and colleagues lately, some of them have gasped in horror and asked, "What the hell is THAT?!"

I have a number of young(er) friends who send text messages to each other constantly and I often feel out of the loop.

I have been considering getting a new phone and getting on the texting bandwagon, but I have resisted the urge because I feel if I start texting I won't be able to get my life back. I already feel guilty when I don't listen to voice mails or return phone calls.

It is still jarring to me to be out for dinner or just a walk with a friend and have them constantly opening their phone and typing out messages to someone who is not there. It seems like a personal slight to be with someone, yet have a third (or fourth or fifth) person breaking into the conversation all the time.

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