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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just between you and me

It's Saturday morning -- the perfect time to bury a news story that you don't really want anyone to read. The O has one just about every other weekend. Today we have one, too. It's here.

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Hold on while I do some deep breathing in a polyethylene laundry bag.

These two may be schooled in Journal-Ism, but in concert with the gang of sycophants and toadies at the Big Oh, have made even dead fish uncomfortable when putting eyes on the page.

At least they are doing their part in saving us from global warming.
Bless them.

Okay, I've got to say something here about Peter Bhatia. Over the years, I always felt I could be a columnist, especially after jokes I had written began ending up on editorial pages. I mean Lars Larson has a huge reach, but his stuff has never been in Time magazine, etc...or at least I hope to God it hasn't. So I have applied to the Oregonian a number of times, and that is not unusual. As a freelancer you sort of become a serial applicant, and for me, rejection is not a problem. I learned all about handling that in my personal life. Ba-doom.
Over the years, I've developed an unscientific rating system for how the individual I was dealing with handled the application process, and with the Oregonian, that individual was Peter Bhatia.
This was partly because a member of my band had known him growing up, but that was a minor factor. Long after Peter could have taken out a restraining order on me, he exhibited nothing but class. I mean he gave me more than a fair shot and that's all you can ask for in this world. I think he's got a ton of ability, and what has happened to the mainstream media in this country, is not his fault. Yes, you could argue that the 4th Estate has become a PR firm for the government and corporations, letting down the country by not challenging things like the case for war in Iraq, but those filters are applied at the ownership level.
I don't blame people for making a living, especially if they love newspapers. Peter Bhatia is a newspaper man and I congratulate him on the award.

Bill's comments are well taken and I don't mind slamming the horriblegonian at all. Bill's "I don't blame people for making a living, especially if they love newspapers. Peter Bhatia is a newspaper man and I congratulate him on the award.", is quite appropriate. I do, from time to time e mail Steve Duin and say he could have done better or it must have been a slow day; I also congratulate him when he does an extraordinary job. Again, Bill is right about the 4th estate being at the upper level and controlling the tenor of the paper It's good to see worker bees get accolades

If by 'Editor of the Year' is meant one who rearranges the orders of the days and weeks, and eliminates half of all minutes and what Time hath wrought, eschewing that 'news' -- then, yes, deservedly awarded to the ones who erase the chron in 'chronicles' and print the I C less.

Motto: Print a fit.

I do think there is considerable talent at the big O, but also too much unhealthy ego. A freelancer I know told me that she had met world famous writers who were less egomaniacal than many at the O. Healthy ego might help individuals spearhead needed systemic reforms, but my experience is that when you approach members of that crowd with systemic analyses, the tendency is for them to take it personally and fly off the handle. They do have employee assistance programs over there, but it seems to me they need better shrinks. Those they have now aren't helping the staff evolve as individuals who can take on the challenges facing the press in the 21st Century. I think the press is key in determining whether or not the ol US survives as a nation.

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