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Friday, February 8, 2008

A public vote on the Portland street tax? No way!

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I see you dialed into the mind of Randy.
His self image is obviously one of greatness.

You forgot the picture of St Randy slaying the dragon of Big Oil. Dear god, these guys live in a fantasy world.

I'm still waiting for his explanation on why big oil is against a water/sewer tax that doesn't raise the gas tax.

I think you make this the "header", for a couple of days anyway, with all the city commishes pasted in.
And Bernie can be Paul Revere on the horse!


You didn't get the memo?

"Big Oil"is against the sewer / water tax because of all the restrooms in the gas stations.

Sam and Randy said so. Just like they said we need a 9 month delay in the vote so that the citizens of the CoP and the politicians can have a conversation about the tax the Council was prepared to vote into effect last week without any meaningful discussion with those same citizens.

You don't think Sam and Randy would lie to us, do you?

When I think of Randy Leonard, Sam Adams and Tom Potter, all I can do is either Laugh Out Loud, or Cry. As I listened to Leonard's U.S. history lesson I laughed out loud that he was now using our forefathers as a defense. And I cried that he actually thinks he is correct.

Thoughtful discourse is always the LAST thought for these three men. I think of attempted renaming of two streets to Cesar Chavez. No thought given there as to what we want in Portland. This latest round of audacity from City Hall goes down again in the Book of Stupid Portland Decisions.

I understand that, like GW in the apocryphal story, Founding Fireman Randy has wooden teeth (probably plywood) which he varnishes after every meal.

The irony is that the Varathane he uses is such a hassle to buy locally, he drives a biodiesel-fueled Hummer to Clackamas to get it.

BTW, is the peruke duct-taped on?

Randy fails to recognize one critical point while he is thumping on his coyp of the Federalist Papers.

The other thing the founders could not have envisioned:

Career politicians.

Anagram his name and guess what?

Anal End Dry, Or?

Tee Hee Hee.....

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