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Friday, February 15, 2008


When I need to call a fellow tax academic for consultation, whom should I call first: Sam Donaldson or Don Samelson?

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Go with the Pac 10 guy, every time. We're the smartest. Colorado State? A Ram? Forget about it. Pac 10 even trumps the Ivy Leagues. Do you see any retards like Bush (Yale, Harvard) or Cheney (Princeton) from Pac 10 schools?

Oh, well there is the Condi Rice from Stanford thing. She can't seem to foresee planes being used as weapons by terrorists, even though that risk has been recognized and contingency planned-for by the US Dept of State since the 1970s, but I think most Stanford people really wish they were Ivy Leaguers anyway.

Better dead than a Duck.

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