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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still going strong

This blog continues to be screamingly funny and dead-on accurate at the same time:

We can't fault the Clinton [condo project] for replacing affordable housing, at least. It replaces a spectacular Victorian house instead, which thankfully I guess they moved somewhere so we can still look at it, theoretically. There's so many of those around anyhow so who cares. However the Clinton sits across the street from a "Weston Special" filled with affordable 2-bedroom type people, and with that kind of money invested, the condo-ites can't be expected to stand for it forever.
Get it while it's hot.

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Could this be someone we know?

rr perhaps?

That guy is pretty funny.


If only.

Stringing together that many words into sentences and all that stuff would take far more drinking time than I'm willing to sacrifice.

Jack runs a fun place to snipe and smirk as long as you know which mushrooms NOT to eat. There's all the usual suspects, the schizo factor and the spelling (Jack's) is reassuringly correct. Plus, there's no pressure to perform. Perfect for a smart-ass lke me.

...but thanks.

The folks who procuce that blog bring up issues not talked about anywhere in the MSM--or anywhere else. Veeerryy interesting.

Can somebody tell me WHY the Clinton condo project has 3/8" - 1/2" steel plate on the north and south exterior walls?

Are they expecting blasts from the north and south? Are those blast walls?

Crap, our military personnel can't get protection like that....

Can somebody tell me WHY the Clinton condo project has 3/8" - 1/2" steel plate on the north and south exterior walls?

I'd contact Bill McDonald for an explanation - it's probably just a larger version of his hat. :-)

If I recall the promo -- the metal sides on The Clinton are about "art" because "art" is about "change" and rust is "change" thus "art" incarnate...

It was all very precious. But now the flapping torn plastic and grim metal walls look just as cold, and cheap, as they are.

If you're really curious there are plenty of archival quotes on this subject on Portland Architect (I think that's the name of the blog, someone more blog focused would you please give us a link?)


Really? Art?

Well, y'know, crap in a can is art, too. I think this rates right up there with crap in a can.

It's the slowest condo project I've ever seen, for a chintzy as it is. From the time they started it, until its not yet realized completion, the condo market has gone "south" in a handbasket.


Too bad we'll all have to look at that garbage for years to come.

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