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Friday, February 22, 2008

Six more weeks

Portland's Big Idea Man will be retiring from the spotlight soon. But it looks like he's going to go out in a real blaze of... well, a real blaze.

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Just more proof that they will do whatever it takes to turn downtown Portland into a little utopia, and leave the rest of the city to rot. Eventually there will be nothing but skyscrapers and spendy condos for this city, and the outer neighborhoods will be ganglands for the poor and middle class.

The recommendations are scheduled to be finalized March 15 and forwarded to the full council and PDC board.

The other committee co-chaired by Sten is not waiting for the recommendations, however.

You won't miss Sten, because this is Adams' style, totally.

Can't he just establish a homeless center, do a little good, and get the f--- out? Didn't his mom give him the Lego Land toy set he wanted as a kid? Or is he just making sure he's got a job in the private sector next year?

I'm sorry Eric but you are hopeless. You have repeatedly demonstrated that you have no appreciation for taxpayer money, that you fail to grasp issues, you make bad decisions and show no signs of any learning curve.

You are not well suited for this type of profession.
So go now and get a job you are qualified for.
Don't try and apply yourself to any more tasks. Just leave.
You are like a wooly mammount in a china shop trying to clean the glass shelves.
Get out of here.

Must be fun playing monopoly with other people's money. Why doesn't he risk his own money building his utopian downtown dreamscape?? Better yet, why doesn't he pay US back for all or OUR money he has flushed down the toilet over the past several years??
I guess he can't pass up the thrill of flushing a few more times before he exits public life. Good riddance!

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