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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reader poll: Yes or no?

Take a look at this image, entitled "Hillary's Dream," and give it a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. I'm thinking thumbs-up, but something tells me it could get me into trouble.

What do you think of that image?
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Comments (13)

Ummm.... Wow.

I say thumbs-up, but I'll always deny it.

The funniest part is the bag on the front seat.

The grocery bag is from Hillary's past.

The driver is playing the good house 'chauffeur', until he pulls over and let's Hillary off before he continues onto his final destination, leaving Hillary by the side of the road, all alone.

Dearest Hill,
It's over. Please go home, and let your opponent in the primaries start his national campaign.
Thanks a lot.

I'm not going anywhere near THAT one.


Miss Daisy

I would have voted for Jessica Tandy.

Having seen the movie might definitely sway one's vote on this one.

Is that Hillary or Shirley Jones?

I agree that it seems like there is something that should or could get YOU into trouble over that.
But I'm having trouble figuring out exactly from what angle or who's perspective?
It's obvious that someone may view it as a racist dig on Obama, but by whom? It's depicts a Hillary perspective.
Does that mean the person who photoshopped can be called insensitive or a racisit? I suppose.
But does that also really extend to anyone who shares it with others?
As in your case?
That's a stretch. But in today's global hypersentitive climate you may have to be deblogged for crimes against humanity.

If that's the case there's some other only slightly interesting pics on that FreakingNews.com site including a female Edwards and a Black Hillary.

Slow news day?

Let's throw something down, since in any cartoon there's those "bubbles" that appear above everybody's head that shows what they're sayin' or thinkin'

Clinton bubble:
Obama bubble:

Ok ...it was just ok...
The better cartoon appears in the Jan 13 New Yorker, page 53, by Steve Brodner. A full page devoted to all the candidtates and their various fates. Portions include the following; "It came to pass that Hillary of Ark was consumed by her own prairie fire", and finishes with "And lo, the Virgin Oprah brought forth a child which is called Obama, and the profits of punditry were sore confused".

I'd much rather see Senator Ted in the driver's seat, with the GPS homing in on a bridge?

I don't see what the problem is. Barack is driving the Dems to the White House and Hillary is only along for the ride. I suspect he is driving her back to NYC where she can try and regain the luster she has lost. Once he drops her off at central park, it's a short shot to DC.

Go Barack Go!!!

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