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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reader poll: Lewis or Fritz?

I've been studying the upcoming Portland City Council race that pits a slew of newbies against each other to take over the seat currently being warmed by Sam the Tram. I see real value in the candidacies of Amanda Fritz and Charles Lewis. And above all, I think it would be a disaster if Chris "Streetcar" Smith was elected.

In figuring out for whom to vote, I can't help but do a little strategizing. Given the crowd of candidates with equal war chests of public tax dollars thanks to "voter-owed elections," it's almost a sure thing that there's going to be a runoff. And if Smith made it to that stage, I'd want to be darn sure that his opponent in the head-to-head general election would beat him.

But as between Lewis and Fritz, who would stand the better chance of doing that? Despite Fritz's loss to Big Pipe Saltzman last time around, she does have name familiarity now, and lots of neighborhood association types know her. That may be what it would take to beat Smith, who seems to have nothing better to do but go to wonky meetings and shill for the condo-streetcar cabal. On the other hand, Lewis would provide a real breath of fresh air, and he knows how to work a crowd. He'd leave Smith panting, trying to keep up with him.

What do you think?

Which Portland City Council candidate stands a better chance of beating Chris Smith in a runoff?
Amanda Fritz
Charles Lewis
No difference between them
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(Hey, do all the candidates in that race now have to count this poll as an "in-kind contribution" to their campaigns?)

UPDATE, 8:37 p.m.: Here's something else that I must consider.

Comments (12)

Chris Smith is Sam Adams' right hand man.
In the story below, citiens get an example of more to come.
The Residents along the I-Max are now beginning to see how the I-Max Light Rail line
will preserve their neighborhood, by adding 10 story mixed use buildings and Density Mandates!
Get Ready Milwaukie! Metro, Tri-Met and many of your city Council are not talking about this!

-----------------------quotes from the story----------------

"Few who live in nearby neighborhoods really understand the impact the new
zoning will have "

"But at least two members of the citizen advisory group that helped the city draft the
new zoning plan are concerned that few residents have caught on."

" While the new plan forInterstate is aimed at boosting commerce, pedestrian traffic,
MAX ridership and housing density, the degree of change suggested for new
construction in now-residential neighborhoods isn’t always obvious."

“I’m just getting to the point where I know what’s going on and it’s too late,” said Tabor
Porter, also on the community advisory group.

“It will basically ruin my house. If they build right up to the line, I don’t know what I’ll do,”


Plan puts Interstate roofs on the rise
Committee worries public still unaware of zoning changes

By Lee van der Voo

The Portland Tribune, Feb 19, 2008

I agree with most of Amanda's positions, and she'd be a huge improvement, but I've seen her at meetings and she can come off as strange and abrasive. Last time I saw her, she ripped into Sam Adams at his safe street meeting, and while I agreed with what she said, the way she said it was offensive. People spoke up to distance themselves from her. Not politically savvy.

I'd like to think Lewis is "real".

I think Fritz is surreal. Just a Sam Adams in training.

But what do I know?

cc normally you and I are on the same page, but that last comment couldn't have been further from the truth.

Either would be a huge improvement on what we have had. At least Lewis seems to be aware that we need potholes fixed, so I'll prob vote for him.


The "truth", as you call it, is yet to be determined.

Let's agree to not.

I know that "fixing potholes" is an expansive euphemism for several things in Portland. I know that Amanda needs to start talking common sense and I am glad that Lewis is already doing so, and well. Now we need the media to start asking and reporting the real news about Portland's dilemmas.

My take on Fritz is that she's far too enamored of "process" and far too removed from "non-activists"

Almost by definition, "activists" require far less, if any, sensitivity on the part of their representatives. The trick (apparently) is to be able to balance the needs of those who have a voice; NA's, etc., and those who naively believe that city government has their best interests at heart.

Again, I'd like to think Lewis can walk that tightrope, but don't know that much about him.

Too bad Portland doesn't use instant runoff voting, where you rank the candidates in the order you prefer them.

With IRV, you would save money (both on the voter-owned-elections fund and you would only need to pay for one round of ballots and counting), and you could rank both your favorites ahead of Smith, or leave him off entirely.

With IRV, you would save money...

...and your point is?

You can't just vote against someone just because they favor streetcars.


They can and they will, Al :-)

BTW - the guy who likes Streetcars is also a fan of IRV.

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