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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rah rah siss boom bah

The Oregonian's new Randy Gragg, Ryan Frank, is at it again today, cheerleading for the condo weasels on the news pages. Stop the presses -- the Goldschmidt law firm is moving to the Pearl District.

With construction cranes spinning overhead, Ater said, Lovejoy Street looks like Portland's new Main Street. "It can be said that the Pearl is the new downtown," he said.
And the old downtown is the new Skid Row. Isn't it wonderful?

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Zing! Well done.

It can be said that the Pearl is the new downtown

man, i want a job like that. let's practice:

"it can be said that Northeast Portland is the new Southeast Portland."

hey, that's easy!

"What we're doing is selling creativity and innovation," Ater said. "This space will help us to that."

Gag. Could this be a shark-jumping moment?

It can be said that the Pearl is the new downtown

How about the "upper west side"?
Then they can sound even more pretentious.

Now it can be said what goes in, does come out.

Wherever he may be now, the late Dennis Lindsay is undoubtedly laughing uproariously.

And the old downtown is the new Skid Row.

Don't you worry, Jack. All those poor people that remain in Old Town will soon be pushed right into the Willamette River if they refuse to leave the area willingly.

I liked it better when it was full of warehouses... and good jobs.

It can be said the high density of sex offenders living in Old Town just helps keep Portland Weird. Kind of like the raw oyster around the Pearl.

Will you help me look for my puppy, his name is Bingo! B I N-G-O...

Come on! Everybody wants to live work in the Pearl.

Oh wait, they can't sell the luxury units they've already built.

That law firm has really gone down hill since Ron Saxton left. :)

Will the SE (formerly) industrial district be the next "Pearl"?
Trolley's commin', jobs going, and a city subsidized big box or 2 on the horizon.
If there was a hill over there, a tram would be in the plan too.
Forget street repair...

I think they're missing a phrase in one of those grafs:

"how technology" and the fact that lawyers never do any work in courthouses anymore "has allowed lawyers to push their offices a bit farther from the courthouse"

Yes, let urban renewal suck the downtown over to the Pearl, then declare downtown blighted again, then suck the Pearl back into the downtown. This all keeps Homer and Co. busy, the planners planning, and the taxpayers poor.

I'm really surprised they're not making the new building look like the Eifel Tower so they could rent space to that Goldsmidt pervert! I guess if they could do that they could afford the rent at the Koin Tower...

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