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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not so graet

Here was a nice story in the Trib over the weekend, with a nice photo to go with it. But when you take a closer look at the larger version of that image in the print edition of the paper, you get a little cause for concern. Check out the message on the whiteboard:

Please, please tell me that one of the second graders, and not the teacher or some other grownup, wrote that.

Comments (11)

The penmanship alone indicates the age of the author must be 50 or under.

Do ya spose somebody PhotoShopped that just to embarrass the Teach?

I am reasonably sure my penmanship was better than that in 2nd grade. My spelling has not improved much though.

Kan sumone pleas explan to me wut the problim is in teh pitcher? I dont git it... Luv, Mrs. Sanford.

Check the comments following the Trib story for the explanation of the whiteboard.

Even Pablo Escobar had his supporters.

While seen as an enemy of the United States and Colombian governments, Escobar was a hero to many in MedellĂ­n (especially people from the slums); he was a natural at public relations and he worked to create goodwill among Colombia's poor.

What on earth is Jennifer Anderson trying to SELL?

Some of us have actually studied economic development from an international perspective, and know the game . . . and feel revulsion to see the formula repeated here.

Aww, Reality Check - you took all the fun out of today's round of, "Ready! Fire! Aim!"

Reality Check wishes to withdraw the previous posting.


I do dates: "Feb 2-11-08." Misspelled 'fib'? Or archive photo of preparations for the Children's Crusade of 1108, give or take a century.

Ms. Stanford must of been a student of

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