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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Noise at the neighbors' at 11 p.m. -- what do you do?

If you're a Portland policeman, why, you grab your gun and head right over.

Now the citizens' review commission is asking the Police Bureau to "reconsider" and investigate some more. Is this system bass ackward or what?

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My upstairs neighbors like to vacuum at 12:30 at night. I'm limited to banging on my ceiling with a plastic whiffle ball bat.

Sounds like a jurisdictional thing for the ACLU to review. After all, we can't have the police arming themselves in anticipation of trouble.


Bobby King says it's all OK.


if Bobby King says it's OK, then I guess Tom
and Rosie will go back to snoozing and they
will not do anything about this errand cop..
can't hurt Bobby's "feelings" by saying or
doing anything contrary to his views now!

if you're in NE Portland, you call the police at Midnight and wait until 2am when they finally show up and do a drive by for approximately 3 seconds...nope, didn't hear any fireworks from inside my cruiser, and then drive away.

I guess if it's a cop's neighbor and not my neighbor, they get a little more "attention"

Maybe one means of reducing the city-employee Pension Fund liabilities, which you well keep to the forefront of attention, Jack, is simply start diminishing the police force. Period. Out. Don't need those sorts of folks.

The more cops, the more crime.

They see to it as a matter of full-employment job security. Ha, don't need it, just undo it.

Yeah, Tenskey is onto something here.

Cops should only enforce the law when they're on the clock.

When off duty (especially when they're at home) they should just report any possible criminal activity to 911, and then just roll over and go back to sleep.

Because we all know that 911 always picks up on the first ring, and they always have a squad just waiting for your "heard somebody outside" police emergency.

And if the cop does decide to act like Rambo, then he should just take his kung-fu skills and a flashlight. Because we wouldn't want the PoPo to bring a gun to knife fight. Somebody might get hurt.

It's called depolicing. I don't think that's in our collective best interest.

FDNY Spies, By Colin Meyn, February 18, 2008
In New York City, the Department of Homeland Security is training New York City firefighters to assist in gathering intelligence information during routine inspections and emergencies.

In November, the Associated Press reported that in New York, Homeland Security was testing a program called the Fire Service Intelligence Enterprise (FSIE) to help identify “material or behavior that may indicate terrorist activities.” ...

So let federal taxpayers (The Fright House 'security gestapo') pick up the tab for firefighter slash police Pension Fund liabilities -- if that's who the firefighters and police are going to work for, and follow the orders of, (instead of being responsive to Portlanders' oversight).

The important, vital, urgent -- nay, in order to stay alive -- reason to recognize that Nine-Eleven Op was all a hoax, BREAKING 9/11 NEWS: FBI Says ... Bush Solicitor General LIED !! and everything attributed to the cause of Remember the Nine-Eleven Op and descended from it, such as Bumland Security, then is toast.

Who you gonna trust, George Bush or a lying PDX cop living in Silverton?

And the nexus is???

Are you serious, Jack? I wish this guy was my neighbor. We need more people like this.

please don't get the impression that all of this cop's neighbors support him, for such
is not the case by a long shot. many of us feel he is a seriously disturbed individual
and wish he'd move elsewhere rather than sulking around in our neighborhood. we
were here long before he showed up with his Rambo dog 'n' pony show. if he needs
help in moving, let us know...

Hey neighbor!

I'll trade you my less desirable neighbors for your Rambo any day of the week. I'll even throw in some cash if he'll park a squad car on the street: that'll keep the tweakers away.

Better yet, let's just all get together on National Night Out and vote the least desirable neighbors off the block. Just like Survivor!

I'm guessing the gung-ho PDX cops last longer than you do.

Make Silverton Weirder?

have you ever noticed how these rogue cops
live in other places besides Portland, and
its as if they are either afraid to actually
live in Portland--a city that they do their
dirty work in--or they're seeking a respite
without having to look over their shoulders
by living far out in the burbs. What's the
matter? Can't they handle the Big City with
all it's multicultural, multiracial, mult-
gendered mix of interesting people who know
how to live, rather than robots slinking to
the burbs to live the rightwingers dream?
Just a thought! More discussion is needed
to give more enlightenment to us all...

An officer goes to investigate a possible burglary and all of a sudden he's a 'rogue cop'? You guys are unbelievable...

It's not the investigating that's the problems. It's the few beers before, the gun in his hand, and his foul mouth that I think got him in trouble.

When you've been drinking, you should leave your gun behind.

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