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Monday, February 25, 2008

My favorite Republican

My dear friend Steve Griffith has made it official -- he's running for the Legislature. You will not find a kinder, sweeter, brighter, more progressive person anywhere. The only catch -- he's not of the Democratic persuasion. But then again, I think I saw a Merkley sticker on his car.

I remember back when Steve made his first run for the Portland School Board. A group of his dedicated friends scoured the city asking complete strangers to let them put signs on their lawns. Many did, and he won by the very narrowest of margins. So began two terms of excellent service to the city's public schools.

Don't get me started on Steve stories. I could go all night extolling the man's virtues. If he wants to do this, the voters of his district owe it to themselves to make it happen.

(BTW, I think the O story's got it wrong. I believe Steve's address is in Portland -- close to the L.O. border, but not actually in Oswegoland.)

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Repugnantcan...Demoncrat...it matters not, for I am a mighty NAWAPP.

Is he a neo-conservative Bushy Repugnantcan? Or, an old-style, fiscally conservative Repugnantcan of the Paulus/Frohnmayer/Hatfield type? Does he favor cutting taxes to the wealthiest 1%, while dumping the revenue load on everybody else?

And, here's a question worthy of every candidate...."Will you be a representative who responds to your constituents' concerns and solicit their input; or, do you expect the constituency to elect you upon the principles and guidelines you express during the election and leave you to represent them?"

Another is "Do you expect to run for re-election."

It is true. Steve is the best, no matter what letter is next to his name in Salem. The Democrats in that race ought to be afraid, although they can expect a campaign free from negativity and filled with the positivity that Steve exudes. He will, if elected, define the term "statesman."

And I think that he would call himself a good ol' fashioned Republican, albeit one with an OLCV board membership under his belt and a Merkley sticker on the back of his understated, older than me (maybe) VW.

Does he still have that Rabbit convertible? That rattle trap is going on 30 years old! The car I saw out front was a newer (though still humble) model -- must be the Mrs.'s.

If there were more Republicans like Steve, there would be much more ground for consensus, and much less partisan bickering.

It's beyond me how a self-respecting person-- even Steve Griffith -- can call himself or herself a Republican, given the associations that implies.

He's got my vote (simply because Jack likes him, not because of his party registration).

"It's beyond me how a self-respecting person-- even Steve Griffith -- can call himself or herself a Republican, given the associations that implies."

Kind of like the D's co-opted the word 'progressive', the neo-cons have done that to the term Republican.

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