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Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't like super-delegates? Tough.

Carmela Soprano explains it all to you.

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my favorite line from Carmela, in talking about Florida and Michigan:

Because both states went strongly for Mrs. Clinton...

Michigan especially went strong for her -- since Obama wasn't on the ballot at all! Classic stuff.

All delegates are equal, but some delegates are more equal than others

So, what role will the elitist supers play in seating delegates from the excluded states?? We know "Carmela" will fight tooth and nail to give Hillary those states. Lord know she needs em. Tonight's debate should be a bit more of a dust up, eh? This is my kind of reality programming. "Sparring with the Donkeys"

The super delegates will go with who ever they think has the best chance of winning the nomination followed by whoever they think has the best chance to win in the fall. And in that order. It all comes down to Ohio and Texas. Clinton wins both or she's toast.

Greg C

What if she wins both, but by a small margin, and they stay about where they are now by convention time?

No worries. Bill Bradbury is a superdelegate. He'll take good care of us.

Wow, not only is the author of this article obviously out of touch, but biased as well!

It's quite obvious that H.Clinton is not fit to be president and the notion of super delagates is laughable at best, insidious at worst since this is the party which so many constituents have cried out in the past eight years complaining about the electoral college for the VERY SAME REASONS that are being used to justify the elitist idea that somehow these "super" delegates somehow know better than the rest of the D. party.

I sure am glad that I'm not a Dem since it's obvious that the party does not trust itself or its voters.

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