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Monday, February 25, 2008

Disturbing development

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Guess the Onion News Channel is only available to those who buy into the Double Digital, Triple Up-grade, Pay per view offerings from Comcast.

Thanks for sharing Jack as that spendy high-end stuff is way out of my budget range.

What's so sad is that way toooo much of Onion satire turns out to be true.

What is "satire"?

To Good. Wag the Dog.

Satire. I know it when I see it: Colbert & Borat personify it. When done well, we laugh with them at the expense of the naive. It is especially effective on true believing kool aid consumers.
Answer: It is truth - twisted.

If that sort of satire disturbs, then this, from The Onion about seven years ago which pretty much predicted the Starbucks shutdown will really creep you out:


gaud i loved that...

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