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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deliver us, Lord

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The paid dancers on the stage are hot! Speaking of witch I wonder what this professional piece cost? And isn't it a tad late?

Speaking of witch

Was that a Freudian slip of the fingers?

A tough Valentine's Day for Hillary. Bill bought her a dozen roses but 7 of them just committed to Michelle Obama.

LOL, Bill.

I spent the entire 2:30 of this piece waiting for the punchline. Is this for real? It can't be. Can it?

Miles, I gave up before 2:30 because it was clear there was not going to be a punchline....someone was sincere about this!

Best part of this thread was the joke from Bill M. The video was making me sick. Thank you Bill!

You all laugh, but it's already been established that this approach works!

I can only imagine that this piece is targetting the most impressionable and naive minded undecideds who could actually be inspried by it's content.

It's possibly the most plastic presentation of a candidates immitation qualitites I have ever seen.

If there is someone who is reading this and was impressed with anything about it please do explain.

Oh...my...god. That's worse than anything I've witnessed on The 700 Club.

As an aside, those self-righteous Democrat superdelagates have received nice chunks of cash form both Hillary and Obama.


I like this line especially: "Arizona State's Herrera said. "If anything, it was meant to take it out of the democratic process. In 1982 [the party] said they needed to have some professionals making decisions here to blunt the potential effects of what they perceived as amateur delegates making decisions—those who vote with their heart and not their head."

Brown shirts? Anyone?

All this insightful derision about Hillary arrives where some of us were in 1992, and we've long since moved on.

I wish you would.

I like the pictures, especially the picture of the polar bear.

Sweet Jesus, I just became an ex-Edwards backer for Obama. Now I have to wash my brain out with alcohol. If that little ditty is in there tomorrow, I'm suing everyone who had anything to do with it.

Nothing says "I have completely lost touch with America" better than recycling Richard Nixon's favorite group "Up with People."

Thank you, Bill McDonald.

Thankya', thankya', thankya' vurry much.

Somebody oughta pay you to write ...

The song is obviously based on the Jackson Five's "ABC" circa 1970.


Michael Jackson called. He wants his nose back.

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