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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Decaf grande skinny payroll

Reality begins to set in in Seattle.

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Humm... Is the cup half full?

We can only dream about the day when any criminal probe hits Portland.

Possible fraud at Port focus of criminal probe

Port in a storm of its own making
The state Auditor's new report on the Port of Seattle finds rats in the rat's nest of local governments.

More corruption at Port of Seattle

E-mail scandal hits Port of Seattle Police

Music video latest scandal for Port of Seattle

four dollar Sock Water.

four dollar Sock Water

The cheapest of cheap shots. Starbucks is over-represented in the coffee house market; its looks, flavors and aromas are tired and over-used. But a decent cup of coffee there -- at about $1.50 -- is no more expensive than it is at many other places. Starbucks provides living wage jobs with benefits to a great many people. It provides a market umbrella, and higher demand, that benefit independent coffee houses. So, one might hope they can pull themselves out of this nosedive with some creativity and prudent financial management. Personally, I would not like to see all those storefronts vacant and all those baristi out of work.

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