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Monday, February 11, 2008

Chun Jie Kuai Le!

A belated happy Chinese New Year to our readers who celebrate that holiday. It's the Year of the Rat - 4706. And, silly us, here we are, still writing Year of the Pig - 4705 on our checks...

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The year of the RAT strangely coincides with our Presidential elections, hum something else to ponder prior to marking my ballot.

Aquarius Solar Eclipse, February 6, 2008, by C.L. Pagano, February 5, 2008

The New Moon in Aquarius (like this one) each year about February, marks New Year's Day in the Chinese calendar. Thus, the planet pattern that day is studied at a meta-scale to foresee the entire year. ...

A solar eclipse is not rare, (twice a year), but on New Year's Day it is foretelling. ...

Starting about mid-April and continuing through May, notice (transitting, 6/21/2008) Mars in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius, exact (degree) reciprocal of Herbert's (natal) Neptune in Leo opposing Mars in Aquarius. (Notice that natal Mars in Aquarius is coming stationary to retrograde = warmongering. The Neptune is the deceit of it.) In my judgment, the saber-rattling about invading Iran is a feint, ain't gonna happen -- the 'giveaway' is that it is too, too touted, saber rattled too loud, in order to be a distraction; the 'actual' plan is completely unannounced, total surprise ... and again, I think it is about 'aerosols,' and hopefully that one word, to the wise, might be sufficient.

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