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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bill's World, Bill's World, excellent

Flipping down the dial last night, I caught the last few minutes of the latest edition of Bill McDonald's cable access show on Multnomah Cable. I think it's still called "Born to Slack." You lefty writers and thinkers out there really ought to track that one down. It is a monster.

Sure, it rambles. Some thoughts don't get completed before the next brainstorm charges in. But man, there's a wealth of great thought and expression there. It puts most of us in the blogosphere to shame.

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Thanks for the kind words, Jack. It's been quite a day. My co-host James Shibley called and said they found him a match for his blood stem cell transplant.
He might even rally and appear on the show this Sunday.
His wife has all the details at savingjames.blogspot.com
and comments are encouraged.
All I'll say about the disease he came down with is if someone asks you if you'd like MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) just say, "No Thanks!"

Hey, where can we find the full schedule for your show (including replays)?

The shows on Sundays at 10, Tuesdays at 10 and Fridays at midnight. Channels 22,23,and 11 respectively.
It's just about speaking out. Nobody's going to be winning any Emmys - that is for sure.
The language is quite coarse at times. If someone mentions it to my wife, she denies knowing anything about it. She denies even having a TV set.

Well you got one more viewer!

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