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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Add to my résumé

In WW, I'm "crotchety," but in the March Portland Monthly, I'll have you know, I'm "acerbic." (See page 119 -- the issue is not on the web yet, but if you get sick you can read it in your doctor's waiting room.)

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Always remember - there's no such thing as bad press! I am curious to know if your website traffic has increased after the WWeek mention of your blog?

Oh, I think crotchety is a better description than acerbic. :-p

Maybe it's time for another Nice Week or something?

It's not something the doctor can help with; I'm sorry.

if your website traffic has increased after the WWeek mention of your blog?

It's been increasing steadily, but I don't know that I can attribute that to the WW references.

Nothing creates a spike like fark.com!

time for another Nice Week or something?

I don't know if I have it in me. Maybe a Nice Long Weekend. Think Easter.

It's not something the doctor can help with

They also send free copies out to all the lawyers...

I'd choose "curmudgeonly."

I'd describe you as "fussy" or "persnickety." Do you need a tylenol? heh heh I'm just kiddin'.

"insightful", that's fair.

So whats wrong with being crotchety?

I'm looking forward to it when I'm old Too. :)

I'm looking forward to it when I'm old Too. :)

Take it from me; it's a blessing when one's age finally catches up with one's disposition.

Well you are crotchety, but that's not really a bad thing. It generates readers.


Press is good I suppose, okay, not bad; but either way, "crotchety" or "acerbic," the Press is playing catch-up. The information stream is the flow of Time that waters the evolution of a society, and then humankind. You Jack, and blogs, and the internet, are the headwaters today, of that be-all information stream.

As you realize that you are the formative influence, of global society (as portentious as that may sound, still ... it's what TV-radio had, and newpapers had before that, and the literati before that in the first day 'global society' began); in your realizing that you are the future, today, then I think to trust that your course-setting and estimable goals are best and most justly derived of your own counsel. You set the agenda, for humankind, (actually in your children, and figuratively in your outlook, at the 'event horizon' of your worldview), and trailing in your wake the Press can only report it. Who cares what the Press calls after you, fair or foul?

Your conscience in your Time is the more serious and immediate matter for consideration. 'There'll be time enough for recounting, when the dealing is done,' (re-working Kenny Rogers there, or here as Rove told Ron Suskind [ RonSuskind.COM/articles/000106.html ]), the used-to-be's are the reality-based community, and that's not the way the world is made anymore; the WorldWideWeb makes the future, and when 'you' blogs write, 'you' create our soon reality, and while the Press is judiciously studying it, 'you' write again, the (k)now news -- you are History's actor. 'Crotchety.' 'Acerbic.' Okay, well, whatevvvver.

I say put on your resume that you are faithful to your understanding smarts. Sharp like a meat grinder, and the sausage you crank out is only as, and as much, good as the saw-such (information) that goes in -- fair, just, and without taint of the mechanism in your 'grinding' analysis.

Anyway, that would be the ideal; that you call 'em like you see 'em with as clear of a prism-free vision as you can observe, and conjure. The clearest vision must be with eyes closed, and so in inner council with conscience counsel.

Accordingly, I have tried to supply quality 'saw-such' food for thought, and let you grind your best chewing on it, and later (threads) where I imagined I saw bits of my input come out in the effluent sausage, it was righteous cased and hadn't got much spam in it. What is this 'crotchety' of which you speak? Ya' mean, 'chronicler'? (From Greek's 'Chronos,' or Latin's Saturn, (god)planet signifying Time, and endowing Capricorn.)

So ... long preamble to that end: The world saw such newwws last week, under the eclipse of the Moon, as the following.

The 9/11 Commission Report set over, tossed out, all is fiction in it and of it -- Osama didn't do it, hijackers was a cover-story, all fiction, forget everything you were told. 9/11: The Unraveling of the Official Story Continues, By Mark H. Gaffney, 25-Feb-08.

A single column tract, of (Rembrandt's) Mona Lisa-order and -quality intrigue in men's minds, most succinct of today's Common Sense (of Paine), more reformational in 1 than 97 Theses (of Luther), tacked up on the Globe (of Boston), declares to all the myth deluding all: The point of the line about the Trinity on the Cross of Catholicism, begat the perversity in Pentagonality, which is overcome by the sixth sense in humankind, future. 'National Security:' America's Ghost Story, By James Carroll, 26-Feb-08.

Read 'em and seep in.

I will.

At some point, I may even be called "balsamic."

So what do you wan't ? A hop in the a**, or a gold watch ???

A hop in the a**

i'm going to need a while to figure that one out.

'Balsamic' ?? I think you can cut it with rosemary and thyme, really sweetens the tartness. ... balsamic ? ?

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