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Friday, January 25, 2008

Try fiber

I've been there.

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Thanks alot Jack, I WAS eating.

Acidophilus works too...

I'm thinkin' "Ghostbusters III". You?

If it were Portland, the blob would be money stuck in there.

It looks like to me that there are broken pieces of the pipe in the lower part of the mass. Something else must have happened. A collapse or reupture?

If it was Portland I would suspect some lame mismanagement, crooked no bid scheme, or a Homer project needing an upsizing of the pipe.
Low and behold the city needs to replace a plugged pipe. And somehow the city ends up paying Homer on top of it.

Once in every week, Drano in every drain ...

These little disruptions are sooooo preventable.

My second thought was how much would a 170 ft sewer line repair job cost in Portland. Not $40T to $60T. The repair job in Lair Hill has cost over $2 Million, and taken over two years.

can you say Lake Oswego sewer interceptor replacement? eeeeeeeeew

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