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Thursday, January 10, 2008

There's something happening here -- what it is ain't exactly clear

Here's a fascinating development. Remember the Daily Grind, the late, great natural grocery at 40th and Hawthorne in Portland? Well, look what happens when you Google them now. Click that very first result -- "Daily Grind Natural Foods."


Comments (4)

Do you mean the 2nd result? And I don't see what happens...

While one might speculate that Whole Foods purchased the name, or that it registered the name when Daily Grind gave it up, The Daily Grind, LLC still shows as an active entity with the Secretary of State.

Hey! Ain't that where the easy shopliftin' is?

"Do you mean the 2nd result? And I don't see what happens..."

I think he meant the first sponsored result.

Whole Foods apparently just bought the actual ad word.

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