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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The kennel's emptying out

Well, it's getting on down toward the end of the line in the pro football underdog pool. And one of the four games being played this weekend (Jacksonville at the Pittsburgh Bog) is too close to call. Here's the line:

9 TENNESSEE at San Diego
4 WASHINGTON at Seattle
2.5 NEW YORK GIANTS at Tampa Bay

Any of those three road dogs (in caps) look good to you? The 'Skins appeal to me. But could the Chargers revert to the early part of the season and implode?

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Skins look the best of that bunch to me. They're playing good, inspired ball right now, and Todd Collins is playing mistake-free football. Of course, I'm about 0 or 11 in these posts, so take my comment with the proverbial cavern of salt.

You cantgo wrong betting against the Seahawks in any game with any meaning.

Bet against the Seahawks when they are playing at Qwest Field? That's crazy talk.

THe best looking dog are the Giants. I'd take the 'Skins only because I dislike Seattle which is not real logical.

Is Pitt-Jax a push? I like Jax alot.

Take the Giants. Don't bet against the Seahawks when they are playing at Qwest field...save that for when they go on the road the next weekend. :)

I'm saying the Jax beat the Steelers by atleast 3 points.

The Giants look good. You really can't bet against the Seahawks until next, week when they go to either Dallas or Green Bay. Then you can bet the farm on Seattle losing.

My predictions on these three this week:

Seahawks roll 35-17 and board the plane for a mean Sunday scrap in an unfriendly locale.

Giants falter at the alter. Tampa 27, New York 13.

Take Tennessee and the points. San Diego will win this, 28-24, but that's inside the spread.

Remember, in the pool, the underdog I pick has to win outright.

Not really,

San Diego over Tennessee Thomlinson is only 133 yards ahead of Peterson so will put on a big show.

Seattle beats Washington, home field.

If I remember correctly TB rested most of their players last week, so should win

Giants. Tampa Bay is overrated, with 3 losses in their last 4 games. Washington (9-7) and Tennessee (10-6) are the only teams with winning records that TB has beaten this year and the TN game was in mid-October. New York is playing well right now, and frankly, SD and Seattle will both win. This is probably the only pick of the bunch.

If the Washington game weren't at Qwest, I would go with that pick - even though espn.com had a great article yestserday "debunking" some aphorisms about what it takes to win in the playoffs.

Though, I too think Pittsburgh will lose to the Jags - unless the weather wins the game.

I'm going with Giants over Tamps Bay. They played good ball last week - against the best in the league. Also, Seattle will send the Redskins home for the season.
I have to admit I'm a homer for any team that Mike Holmgren coaches. I played with him at Lincoln High in San Francisco back in 1962-63. He was an All-City
quarterback at Lincoln and then had the
bad luck to go to USC and mostly sit on
the bench while Pat Haden played starting
quarterback for most of his time there.
For those too young to remember - Pat
Haden was a starter for many years in the
NFL after leaving USC. Mike never made it
to the NFL until he got a job coaching a
guy named Joe Montana.


Who'd you pick?

I took the Giants.

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