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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One hand washing the other

Last week the Portland police union head stuck up for Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto against charges that he's a liar and a scoundrel. Given that Bernie seems to do the same for every wayward officer under his own command, that's no surprise, is it?

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And Jack, let's not let our local paper off the hook here.

It was three years ago that Sheriff Giusto let the groper off the hook. Those data go back for five years. The decline after the last sheriff was dramatic.

Yet, only now does the Oregonian see fit to cover this story.

Nice job, O. Where were you during the re-election campaign?

Wheeler the weasel and Bumbling Bernie have a hand shake agreement on managing the jail...No ballot measure for the voters to see the county take over the jail, and to boot, another $100,000.00 year man, to be employed as jail overseer. This for a county that is broke and wants to add taxes to the citizenry already taxed to death. Weasel Wheeler has no shame...just inflated ego.

KISS - there CAN'T be any referral to the ballot that would have ANY impact whatsoever on the jails. Any ballot measure that would impact the position of Sheriff could not legally come into effect for three more years. Anything that would put control of the jails under the county would require changes (though minor) to state law which could not happen at least until the next legislative session (February is out, so we're talking about two years from now...) This "handshake agreement" is the only deal in town...like it or not...that can lead to any changes in the near term. Also, don't confuse ego with clarity of vision. They can look a lot alike.

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