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Thursday, January 17, 2008

John Edwards doesn't exist

Never mind that he's still got a chance to win -- the geniuses at KATU have counted him out already.

You want to know what's wrong with Presidential elections? You can start with the way the mainstream media ruins them.

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And also the way the way the mainstream media runs them.

Which is how I read this sentence the first pass through.

This is frustrating. I've read elsewhere that he's the candidate who polls the best in the general election. I'm just waiting to see his party manage to pull a defeat out of the jaws of victory this November.

"I've read elsewhere that he's the candidate who polls the best in the general election."

I guess so. Maybe Al Gore polls even better, but what difference does it make if it ain't gonna happen? I like and admire Edwards (even if he's not my first choice). Unfortunately, with the current system we have in place, you need to win primaries and delegates. If Edwards doesn't win something soon (looks respectable in Nevada ), he's toast whatever polling in a general election.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the person who will win in November isn't on any ballot yet?

I don't know who it might be, but I get the sense that America just won't be satisfied with our choices.

I find it really hard to believe that Barack won't be on the ballot in some fashion come Nov. How could he not be with the passion he is generating worldwide.

And the media wonders why voters are so disenchanted. The public is subjected to reporting on candidates that is simplistic at best, and filters their differences through the Bush/Cheney talking-point lens (as if they didn't learn their lesson through the last 7 years). Everything is reduced to 'values-tax cut-flip flop-islamofascist-bordersecurity' robospeak, and it's utterly mind-numbing.

They've painted Edwards as the 'angry' candidate, as if focusing your campaign on working class issues when others pay it lip service is somehow unseemly. Yeah, to the barons of corporate industry, Edwards might come off as 'angry'.

America needs to start thinking about creative ways to ensure elections are fair and free from big-money spin. Our apathy is degrading our citizenship.

I think it is the press more than our apathy, TK; coming up against the standard media mindset is like hitting a brick wall at 80mph. It stings. Too many reporters don't seem to want to do what it takes to get the real story. It would seem that after the whole WMD debacle and the press' role in suppressing important information that might have kept us out of Iraq, there would be some real soul searching. It isn't really evident, imho. MSM workers don't seem to see themselves as workers, but as a kind of celebrity that is a breed apart from and identifies with elites.

Edwards' problem with the media (and most Democrat voters, apparently) is that he's just not credible. He's too rich, too perfect looking to be "the voice of the working stiff." No thinking person can take him seriously, and reporters all think they're the smartest person in the room.

JFK was rich and handsome and still was admired by the working class. Of course, the media loved JFK.

It's the media. They are freezing Edwards out because:

a) he's not as cute a story as the struggle between the first woman and the first black to be taken seriously (by the media) as candidates for president.

b) he is perceived as a threat to the plutocrats who own the media.

Jeez, the only time he got any media attention was when it was announced his wife has terminal cancer.

If Edwards would just mess up his a hair a little he would be much more electable! Seriously!

Early on in the campaign, Edwards was getting plenty of media attention, but he's up against two very forminable candidates who have run better races, have raised more money and have been able to connect with voters with or without media coverage. Edwards hasn't been able to instill anywhere near the passion that Hillary and Obama have, and his lack of media coverage reflects that. Should he be included in polls? Who cares. His showing would make his supporters even more disappointed.

My personal view of Edward's persona as revealed thus far is that he sees the entrenched big money interests and the power they wield requiring a fighter. The public does not realize the strength of resolve it takes to overcome this institutional problem. The public is clearly weary of seeing political squabbling and perceive a fighter as the penultimate divider. Edwards needs to adopt a more unifying theme. Is it too late??

News media doesn't seem to get that it isn't what someone looks like,or even how much-or little-money he's made but the issues he raises.

There are some issues we can unite around and some that divide us. The unity-at-any-price mindset is disturbing imho in that it prevents us from examining issues for fear of being called "divisive".

I find it helpful in reading news stories about politics to disregard the adjectives. Using adjectives eases a reporter's job and simplifies the story being told. But the reader is manipulated.

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