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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I swear, I conjure him up

Last night I jokingly made reference to the Welches con man in a post about the new KGW studio reportedly going in at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Just a few hours later, in comes this to my e-mailbox:

I was putting my two kids (3 & 1) in the van in our driveway. The street was eerily quiet, NO cars even parked on the street. All of the sudden this dinky pick-up comes off 33rd (our street in Laurelhurst deadends into 33rd -- a neighborhood through street) screaming up our street and whips into my driveway. I bristled before the guy even stuck his head out of the window...

He asked for some gas money (he could slow down for better gas mileage) b/c he needed to get home to his wife and two kids. It was him. The guy from your blog. I told him no--twice, then told him to get off my driveway. He finally left, squealing tires down the road like he was off to an emergency. I felt very vulnerable with two little kids and him blocking my driveway. But, I did get his license plate:

OR 037 BNA

It was a small pickup, white with the front panels a dull black. Not sure the make of the truck, I'm a numbers girl.

I don't feel comfortable putting my name to this on a public forum b/c the dude knows where I live now. But, as the resident collector of info on the WCM, I thought you should know.

He's still out there, and no one in the city or county government could give a rip. I guess he'll have to hurt someone physically before the Portland open-air mental health system responds.

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"Open-air mental health system" -- I love it!

So has someone already gotten the DMV info on the license plate? As I understand it, he has committee fraud on many occasions, right?

As I understand it, he has committee fraud on many occasions, right?

I think committee fraud is limited to our elected officials...

Does he have a valid license and insurance to drive that speeding car through neighborhoods?

It's ok. Randy Leonard's office just issued a press release that the truck in question runs on biodiesel. Stand down, people.

Actually, Jack, swearing does conjure. Invective convenes. The harder we pull the tighter it gets.

A soft answer turneth away wrath. As ye have done to the least among you, so ye have done in your spirit.

Not to go all screechy preachy, here, just the title seeded my vision; and this 'week' is rife with fantasmagorical allegory; the hand is moving 'now' (in planetary time -- stationary Mercury conjunct Neptune), writing dreams, and I am rapt, or, as they'd say when I worked on Maggie's farm, a cow-kick got him a little bit 'tetched in the head.

Wherever I get it, you got that right -- you swear: you conjure him up.

It's happening again; here's how it's done:

Lightning comes soon to strike LIARS. Who it maims, you shall know by it, speaks false.

(It ain't the wrath of God. It's the mad-drunk powercrazed wino who's been drinking his own gripes of wrath.)

Just one more example of the "Quality of Life" petty crimes that NEVER get prosecuted in Portland.

The guy's a criminal. Not mentally ill. Jail, not "the mental health system." Get it?


If you have the ability to make this idiot appear simply by mentioning him here, then I have two words for ya: shut up. :-) This is one turd we can do without.

"Open-air mental health system" -- I love it!

A phrase coined by former Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker.

I think we call it free range mental health system now.

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