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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Something that Portland City Auditor Gary Blackmer and I agree on.

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hmm, seems Blackmer's office was trying to spin something and got called on their crap.

So you agree with them evading the question? Maybe Im not understanding?

You're almost as cute as Matty Boy himself.

Matt Davis could not punch his way out of a wet paper bag. "I was concerned I might be called upon to defend myself". Please.

He pulled the same race-baiting crap on me last year. If Blackmer ever did go kick his butt, I'd pay to watch.

as Edward Murrow said: calling yourself a journalist doesn't make you one.

try to imagine a good journalist acting in this fashion, in print, regardless of being right or wrong.

but this is the Mercury, in all its tepid, amateurish, post-ironic glory.

Sorry, Jack. It just seemed that way to me. I dont even know who Matt Davis is. I dont read the Mercury.

Im touched that you think Im cute though. ;-)

I disagree. Why wouldn't an independent review seek to address the question of age, race, gender, etc? It's only been the single biggest question behind police brutality in Portland for the last 20 years. I'm assuming all that information gets entered into a specific field for age, race, gender, etc, in the police database. Throw a pivot table on it or write a neat little SQL expression and voila! Hard to miss that unless you want to.

Looks like another case of Blackmer being either a shill or a failure to me.

Does anyone really think that Matt Davis acted demure here? From his description, it sounds like Blackmer's response was probably akin to Davis getting in his face, but when only Blackmer is quoted, it sounds outrageous. Davis also skews the statement by putting it in all caps; certainly that kind of statement can be equally effective used in a dismissive way, and Davis doesn't say Blackmer yelled at him, only that he said it.

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